Teenage Losers who do nothing but become drains on society

Warning: Major cussing is commencing in this post

I was exiting the BART station at Downtown Berkeley when I see two teenage homeless shitheads jump over the fare gate after riding the Richmond train I was on.

I am just pissed. All of us earn our money and SPEND our hard-earned money everyday riding BART. I, for one, pay $6 a day to ride BART everyday and I know most people pay more.

I am so sick of these homeless teens/20-somethings who are just a drain on fucking society. I am sick of walking down the street and having one of these shitheads ask me for money. I just tell them (in so many words) to "Fuck off". I earn my $1 and maybe they should do the damn same. I don't feel bad for runaways...they are young and healthy...they can find a damn job. I know I've supported myself since I was 18. (Paying tuition nonetheless) They can do the damn same....

They jumped over the fare gate where there isn't a station agent and there wasn't one around that I could talk to. No BART police...nothing. I'm not a tattler but fuck it I would've definitely pointed out these shitheads.

Sorry to hear that. Sounds like it was a good idea you avoided confrontation with them... you just never seem to know how they might react, especially in Berkeley.

It's interesting that you point out the relative ineffectiveness of fare gates at a time when LA's Metro system is in the process of switching from an honor system to fare gates. Based on fare evasion I've seen here, in Boston, and in DC, you're not going to stop those who are determined not to pay. In LA, there is something like a 5% fare evasion rate. But the implementation and maintenance costs of fare gates would far outweigh the savings of recouped transit fares and less fare inspectors. Those fare gates are not cheap.

I live in berkeley and see it almost every time I ride.

they exit the downtown station's northern set of fair gates.

I have seen them jump the gate not 10 feet behind a BPD officer who's back was turned talking to a station agent.

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I do happen to feel bad for people who behave badly. For some it could be they weren't raised the right way, but there are some that just don't care. One idea I can think of to fix this problem is installing a device that can detect movement past a fair gate. If no ticket was inserted, and passage is detected, an alarm will sound. In addition, a high speed high resolution security camera. When possible, have BART PD patrolling.

I understand your anger, but lets not let people with that type of behavior get under our skin. They have no heaven or hell to put us in, nor is it worth secreting the toxins in our bodies triggered by stress/anger. Furthermore, you may want to be careful about how you treat people on the street that ask for something. They may be an angel in disguise.

I have no problem being a snitch. I think that is one of the main reasons why it takes longer to catch people who practice criminal actions. Communication is an amazing tool when used correctly.

most do not actually jump the gate, they jump over the partitions between payed and unpayed areas thus extra detectors in the gates will not help

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Wrong wrong wrong.

Most fare evasion is either "piggybacking" (following a legit passenger very closely before the faregates close) or blatant walk-outs.

As for a "motion sensor" or whatever, the faregates are fitted with motion detectors that will close a faregate after it senses one person has moved through, or if someone is coming the opposite direction (i.e. entering the station when someone processes a ticket out to leave) and that will trigger a loud beep.

As for the high-res cameras, what good would those do?

BART has a department (Communications Section) who watches cameras on platforms and trackways, but it wouldn't be feasible nor reasonable to expect them to monitor all the faregates, all the time.

Maybe in a few years we'll see a photo recognition software program put into place... but don't count on it... TransLink isn't even in place yet!

Ok, I should say, the evaders *I* see the most are people that jump the partitions.

I see a lot of Red/Green ticket users also ( by people in their 20/30's looking younger & healthier them me ).

Hire security guards and place them at the fare gates. Anyone jumping the gates or using a green or red BART ticket without proof of age or disability gets to sit on a bench in a "time-out" for 15 or 30 minutes.

Fines and citations won't work. But if the penalty was to make them late all the time, it just might.

Another idea would be to have personnel roam the platforms and randomly ask people for their ticket. They could use a scanner to see if the ticket had been used to enter the system. No ticket or one that wasn't valid puts them on the bench for a while.

Unless they go back and purchase a ticket.

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[Submitted by MFinFremont on Thu, 09/25/2008 - 12:43pm.

"Another idea would be to have personnel roam the platforms and randomly ask people for their ticket. They could use a scanner to see if the ticket had been used to enter the system. No ticket or one that wasn't valid puts them on the bench for a while."]

Someone at the BART Police needs to read this one! Checking tickets while in the system. I think they did that in the past? Someone must have changed the rules.

Yep, Fare Evasion is Low Priority, as in REALLY low priority (below getting coffee).. As in, per one of their Parking Officers, they have been told it's low priority by higher ups in the Police Department.

There used to be teams of undercover with uniformed officers that targeted fare evasion in the past.
The officers used to play "hide and seek" in the stations and catch lots.. but you never see that anymore.

From what I have seen unless the Police are in the city, then most of them spend more than half of their time in or around their car..

Sounds like they need to do "sweeps" once or twice a month

Unless you're hanging around every station in the system at any given moment, you can't really come to the conclusion that the police officers are not stopping fare evaders. The "hide and seek" stuff still happens too. Most BART police officers know that fare evasion contacts often lead to something bigger like probation or parole searches, warrants, and violations of protection orders (people with stay away orders from BART unless on lawful business).

However, fare evasion is a low priority compared to in progress property or person crimes for obvious reasons. Officers are also plagued with frequent drunk calls that are very time consuming and quite a burden. So in between pulling drunks off trains, taking them to jail, writing reports, booking property, etc., some busier beat officers rarely have time to play hide and seek.

Fare evasion is an extremely low priority. If it was a high priority, stations would be designed differently, and other measures would be in place to discourage it. There are booths in the system that are always unstaffed, and people constantly walk right out the gates because an agent is never there.

And it's a slap in the face to the riding public who work hard to pay for fares and that do things the right way.

But until the riding public raise enough stink about the problem, management has no real reason to do anything about it.

I think Fare evasion should be a priority, given that less than 1% of the riders make it a sh*t-hole for the other 99%, and of this 1% of riders, 99% of them are practicing fare evasion .

It seems to me that it would behoove BART to make a greater effort to stop fare evasion so to discourage that 1% that causes all the problems

Boy, I agree with that one. Last Friday night, no station agent was at Concord, half the disembarkers walked out the emergency without paying.

So sick of the gross people getting their way on BART, I asked for a transfer at my office today so I don't have to ride that fucking out-dated piece of crap they call a public transportation system ONE MORE FUCKING DAY with 500LB drunk dykes.

Gas is going back down to $1.50 a gallon according to economists. If no one will spare the air on BART, meaning we have to ride a train that smells like puke and piss, why should we bother to spare the air?