Why don't officers give tickets to people that eat & drink?

I've been riding BART now daily for 3 years from Richmond to Oakland. I have never once saw an officer give a ticket to those who eat and drink on the train. Signs post the penalties, but who believes it if no one ever gets fined?

I'm tired of hearing the smacking, crumpled paper sounds, the smell, the mess, the garbage!!!

I've seen someone get cited for eating Chinese food on the train. If it bothers you, call BART police and report it. If you're not willing to make a complaint or come forward when the officer steps on the train, then give the best description you can and the car number. The officer must witness the person eating before they can off-board the person and write them a ticket. The person must still be eating when the officer arrives, so don't expect them to cite the person if they stopped, unless you come forward and make a citizen's arrest.


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Officers do issue citations for eating on the train. Not as often as fare evasion but they do get written. As I have posted before, I have the "Snack or Mack" rule to help me decide if you are going to get a ticket.

(I would link back to the previous post but I'm a cop not a computer guy. I have a hard time remembering my password, let alone html codes. So I'll explain it again.)

If you are having a "snack" and I ask you to wrap it up until you get to where you are going and you get upset that you are being asked to stop breaking the law, be prepared to sign in the box. Sunflower seeds and smoking is pretty much a guaranteed cite from me.

Unfortunately BART is sending a mixed message by putting coffee and food vendors outside the fare gates and enforcing a no eating and drinking law in the stations.

Thank you for this comment. I can NOT understand for the life of me as to why BART would have coffee/food available, and I don't mean just the Tully's coffee or whatever. At my station, there's a gentleman who sells candy and water.

Once I watched as this couple ate Burger King in their seat, of which I couldn't do much about as I was in the window. What really annoyed me was the fact that the guy hung his jacket on the back of the seat in front of him (where I sat, as I thought he'd move his jacket and didn't realize he was eating until it was too late.).

And then BART wanted to have riders use sippy cups. Please. Who thinks these ideas up?