Sometimes it's not about those 5 seconds...

I find it annoying when people step from the right side of the escalator to the left, unless there's a problem on the right side or there's a gap on the left they can scoot into. It often stops traffic, even for a second, startling the person who's trying to get down the stairs. It can also cause some not so nice collisions.

I don't mind people stepping from left to right because it frees up the path for those who really need to get down the stairs. I usually try to close the gap, not because I don't want someone on the right to step in (usually they don't, unless it's the very beginning of the escalator), but so the line can move a little faster.

Today a woman stepped from right to left, despite the fact I had my foot on the step. I thought she had seen me, and maybe she had, but she walked anyway. I scrambled down, moved to the right where there was a gap and cut in front of her, because I thought the right side was relatively free. (What was I thinking.)

"You saved five seconds," I think she said. Well, same to her.

Often times the five seconds you save is another 20 minutes saved if you're trying to catch a connecting bus. Not everyone drives to BART.

Related to this, why do BART escalators move so slowly? In the London tube or the Budapest subways, the escalators book right along--admittedly, some of those Budapest ones would probably be considered dangerously fast here. Riding a BART escalator allows a mellow survey of the walls, ceiling, etc.

Does anyone know the feet per minute rate for BART's escalators, and how it compares to others?

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Faster escalators would be nice. More reliable escalators would be awesome!

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If bart had faster escalators, I would be late for work everyday because I would sit there at the station and watch the carnage unfold as people eat shit when attempting to get on and off. Most people can barely handle the slow-ass escalators bart uses currently. Speed them up even a teensy bit and I guarantee there would be yard sales on a regular basis.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for faster. I just think there would be a pile of about ten 50-something ladies and 60 purses at the bottom of the escalator within the first few minutes.

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Ten ladies and sixty purses? LOL

I am all for speeding the escalators up... all the walkers would eat shit, though...

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Hey! Where have you been? I have been fighting spam, profanity and jojo2 all by myself.

Walkers would not eat shit!!! We already have the right momentum to make the transition from escalator to floor. The standers are the problem people. Think about this scenario. Who has a better chance of making it off a speeding escalator unscathed:

a) 50-something lady standing on escalator with a roller bag, thermal lunch tote, large purse, clutch purse, gym bag, two trader joes bags containing a casserole, iceburg lettuce, a 6 pack of diet coke and large quantities of unspecified cuts of meat or

b) me.

A wise man named Newton once said:

An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion ...

Excuse me, I'm 53 and I'll challenge any of you and I'm sure I can outrun many people in their 20's but I don't carry purses, shop at trader joe's, etc. Boy stereotype people. I do wear kick ass Nikes though.

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Are you and transit first the same person? Because you are both 50something and both seem to think you can take me in the bart olympics. I would mop the floor with both of you. ;-)

Ok, schedule a race from Montgomery Station to the Irish bank.

I'll be waiting at the Irish bank drinking a pint with whoever else shows up .

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I can't participate until I get myself a new pair of dirty converse sneakers. These ones I bought at Penny's for 10 bucks are all worn smooth on the bottom and I slide all the way across UN plaza, let alone the ice skating rinks BART calls floors.