Video Cameras

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One thing that has come out of the O.G. event is that the video surveillance within the BART system is for all intents and purposes useless.

I've read that a crew of people watch the video, but nothing is recorded. Whats the point?

Shouldn't they be able to at least start recording on demand? Such as when there is a disturbance on a train and police are enroute? The tech could switch to that car's cam and start recording. How about the activity on a platform. They switch those cameras to record.

Perhaps BART could save some money by turning off the camera system altogether since it appears to not add any value.


I do not think the techs have live access to the car cams as that would involve a continuous high speed data link to each and every car.

BART Transportation hub uses the cameras live to see passengers and anything that could slow train traffic. Or interfere with the stations. BART the transportation installed the cameras, and the police have access to some not all. Look in the Agents booth, they don't have many cameras and mainly they only look at elevators and tracks..

Only the police would find a recorded picture useful. I was told the police have very few cameras, and they are mainly installed temporarily when watching for specific crimes.

BART management is as I've heard, extremely sensitive to recordable surveillance cameras. London and in particular the London Underground system is heavily under video surveillance, however, it isn't the cup of tea for BART and many other transit agencies. Simply stated, political and cultural preferences dictate the use of CCTV - not until there's an actual, value changing need.

heh, they maybe should just put the CCTV cams on line as webcams and make money with google ads. Yea, that will work....

The cars that have Cameras in them are recording all the time, a 24hr loop, so if something happens they can take the tape out before 24 hours is up and have a tape of the incident.

That being said, 2/3's of the cars don't really have cameras, just camera housings with blinking lights in them powered by 2 D-cell batteries each.

And where are the cell phone camera photos of the incident on board the car before the BPD arrived and took the group off the train? What happened? There must be photos? Where are they? Were the cell phones confiscated?

Good point,

I would be surprised if none of the amateur film makers that recorded the unfortunate incident with BPD did not film the "bar room" like brawl on the train before hand.

Also three have been comments of cell phones being confiscated, but I have not heard of anyone saying "their" phone was actually confiscated.