Video proof that Officer Tony Pirone did NOT punch Grant

Don't believe me? Watch the video for yourself. It's irrefutable proof.


shocking! I love how the media made sure to make this the least played video of them all.. But the best part is how burris contends that pirone still violated his clients rights. Get over your self @ss hole. If ever there were an ambulance chaser.

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Uh oh! See what happens when people jump to conclusions! The truth always comes out in the end. I'm glad someone posted this. I didn't find it until this morning myself.

Let's see? How much damage did those protests cost the city of Oakland and BART? Some people should have kept their mouths shut early on.

As for the guy giving us the finger tonight in Hayward. Good job trying to incite a riot during a peaceful march. We are not going to take the bait.

Better yet, I enjoyed seeing the "No Justice, No BART" guy getting on the train after the rally. Way to boycott BART dude! See you Thursday.

Interesting vid.

Thanks for posting the link.

And ...was it only run on KRON 4?

Wish there was a way to get the rest of the media vultures to play this with the EXACT same comments by outside sources.

But ...if it isn't dyin or cryin it aint news I guess

So far it only appears to have been aired on KRON 4. But if other news outlets actually uphold standards of journalistic integrity, like they try to claim, then they SHOULD be reporting the same.

Please distribute the above link. It's a shame that only 208 people have seen it on You Tube thus far. The public deserves the real truth.

Actually that was the very first video ever shown it was on CBS5

But this is the first time a news agency (that I'm aware of) has slowed down and analyzed this particular (or any) video to show what really happened with the now-debunked "punch". While the Karina Vargas video has been widely circulated and watched. Few have seen it like this... until now.

I just want to add that while videos are fantastic evidence to have in cases like this, it goes to show that even "video witness testimony" is faulty unless you are super careful about watching and analyzing it appropriately. Otherwise, in full speed, and without careful analysis, it ends up being just like being there in person, where people are often left "seeing" things other than what really happened, and often seeing what they want to believe.

This might be the best day of the year I feel bad for AC Transit

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wow. not only did pirone not punch grant, but grant reached for pirone's gun. kiss my ass john burris!!!!

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Amen to that, boopie!

Some other stuff might come out at trial that will shock people... And my bet is that the jury will see what really happened that night - not just what the media says happened.

Like the fact that fentanyl (synthetic heroin) and alcohol were both in Oscar Grant's system that night? Can anyone say reasonable doubt? An involuntary manslaughter conviction is a long shot at this point, let alone anything higher. Maybe the DA should plea this one out while he still can.

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At this point, there is no way in hell I'd take a plea bargain. I've only met one person in the bay area who has not seen the video. Only because he moved here that day from New York. I'm sure he has seen it by now, it's been four days. They will never find a jury of people who have not seen the video.

Change in venue- absolutely
Hung trial- probably not
Not guilty- most likely

Maybe it's time for a new poll? I'll try to think of some other choices.

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And some other things... Like his physical actions and him disregarding several commands from the responding Officers.

Wait and see... Wait and see...

I think that once we get past all the Bullsh**, we will find that there is a lot that we are hearing that is not true. BART is a Government Agency and those who have the knack will say or do anything to squeeze a buck out of BART.

That is an indication of the condition the State and Country is in when people will do anything to tear down law and order (brawling on a train falls into that catagory)in order to make a buck.

If law and order mean nothing to them then they are outlaws and need to be dealt with accordingly so the rest of us who are peace loving can continue to live in peace rather than being held hostage to the outlaws.