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Fruitvale Protest

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From the article Protestors Aim To Shut Down Fruitvale BART

It mentions George Ciccariello-Maher. Is this the person? (found at Google)

George Ciccariello Maher is a student of political theory, with interests in revolutionary - especially autonomist and anarcho-communist - theory, social movements (especially variants of squatting), black nationalism, existentialism, feminism, hip-hop and rap music, and Latin American political praxis. He has a healthy skepticism of the canon, but nevertheless maintains an interest in the theoretical lineage that runs from German Idealism through Marx, and on to the various sorts of neo and post-Marxisms. He is currently on the editorial board of the interdisciplinary journal Critical Sense (ttp:// Personal interests include organizing, cooking, collecting books, and wine. In the past, he has been spotted in Poland Spring, Maine; upstate New York; Madrid; and Cambridge, UK. His e-mail is

If so, he looks like a professional shit disturber if I ever saw one.

Probably just doing this for some graduate paper or simply to be an attention whore.

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Its after 5:00 and the

Its after 5:00 and the station is still open. Just as many police as protesters. They better get their lighters out and start burning stuff to create a distraction.

I guess I don't get it...why

I guess I don't get it...why do they let these stupid idiots get so far as the fare gates to block them? I know that's where the paid area begins, but why let them on BART property at all?

Read on sfgate that

Read on sfgate that passengers were diverted to the other exit and also through the swing gate. So did they get in for free?

I concur with the general consensus that these troublemakers do nothing for their "cause" by pissing off people trying to get home.

@adi... BART property???

@adi... BART property??? uh, BART is ours, not some private entity. Last I looked, the right of the people to assemble to petition the government for redress of grievance shall not be abridged. Please note, I am not taking a position as to the goals or attitudes, just the process. And no, I do not countenance violence in this mix.

Blocking the turnstiles is a

Blocking the turnstiles is a violation of the fire code - blocking an emergency egress route out of the station. And yes, it is BART property and you can be arrested from BART property for trespassing, urinating on platforms, panhandling, etc. BART property is not the same as a public park, a sidewalk, or a city street where one may peacefully assemble. These people are trying to take over stations and shut them down. Its their own words. That's not peaceful public assembly. That's anarchy and I'm sick of it!

This is not a Million Man

This is not a Million Man March. This is just a way to cause CHAOS.

If this were a tragic accident then mourning would be in store, instead we get the usage of the liberal media twisting and turning the facts over and over and creating RAGE in the unfortunate people who "STATE" that they loved and trusted Oscar. It is just a way to do something with people who have too much time on their hands, to fight with a system, that they utilize consistently, because they don't appreciate how fortunate they are to have the Bay Area Rapid Transit System.

Come on people, I know you can't fix stupid but really. Put down your picket signs and pick up a pen and use the true facts in this case not opinions (which are like assholes and we all have them and they all stink) and write to the people elected to keep our state running including our District Attorneys. Be part of a solution not the problem.

If you are the idiot who thinks that you will gain your 15 minutes of fame from this, think again, the only fame you will get is being on COPS or ending up like the unfortunate soul who didn't want to live within the rules set forth to protect one and all...