Should people be allowed to stand in a BART parking space saying they are saving it for someone when there is no other parking?

I arrived today at Concord at 2:00 p.m. There is parking spot right at the entrance, some old guy says he's saving that spot for his friend who is coming to the station shortly and I can't park there. I drive around for five minutes looking for a place to park, there are none. Come back down and that guy's friend still has not arrived at the Concord station and the parking spot was still vacant with him standing there guarding it. I told the guy he can't do that and I'm taking it and I took it making him move out of the way.

BART Parking ISZZZZZZZZ on a first come, first served basis, isn't it? If there was other parking I would have let him have the spot because I don't mind walking, etc., but when there is no other parking as I told him, what nerve.


I haven't encountered that, but I get really mad when people park in the handicapped spots when they do not have the placard or sign anywhere on the car. If they have a condition that isn't easily visible that's fine, but the no placard thing really gets me.

I read that in Boston people use random items such as law chairs, traffic cones and even their children to hold spots that they've cleared of snow during the winter. One guy went to jail I think because he went parking space rage over a car that pulled into the spot he just cleared.

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It was funny the busted up junk people would put in their parking spaces in Philadelphia to try and save them. Lawn chairs were very popular.

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do let us know if there's still air in your tires when you get back to your car.

This was not a handicapped stall. Just one close to the entrance and the man was in no way handicapped or impaired. The thought that they might do something to my vehicle crossed my mind so I sat there another 10 minutes before leaving to board the train, no buddy.

they have a lot of video cameras at Concord which is why I park there after having my car destroyed at North Concord. Even after I caught my train, he was still waiting for his buddy. After the PBP train gets in at about 2:05, parking opens up. Wednesdays and Thursdays are always the worst for BART parking.

I agree, people should not park in the handcapped stalls when they aren't handicapped and you see that ALOT at Concord. They must steal the signs because these people are definitely NOT handicapped except in the head maybe.

Seriously, is BART parking on a first come, first served basis? I don't see anything about this issue on Only the rest of the rules regarding long-term parking, fee parking, reserved parking, etc.

I would be happy to pay $60.00 a month or whatever for my own parking space but BART designed that whole program for day workers, not night workers which SUCKS.

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all parking is first come first served. if you don't have a car to put in the spot, it is not your spot. end of story. you can't stand in a spot and hold it for someone else.

if that happened to me, i would block the spot with my car and lay on the horn until they moved. if they didn't move, i'd call the cops and let them settle it. once i got the spot, i would wait for the friend to show up and take down their license number, just in case they decide to try to get even when i leave.

i know this all might sound extreme for a parking spot, but i have zero tolerance for rude people.

i read an article recently about a guy that was doing this same thing for his wife, someone drove up first, the guy wouldn't move, so the driver ran him over. he deserved to get ran over, IMO.

Gosh, NONE of you have ever been the place holder for a car? As to calling the cops, I rather think nabbing actual criminals is WAY more important.
Major clue-drive less!

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the people that are clueless are the fuckers without cars that stand in parking spots. think about it. what makes more sense???? it's pretty simple - no car, no spot.

lets take this one step further on the commute. say you get on at baypoint. you have a "bart buddy" that gets on at orinda. the train fills up by walnut creek. is it OK to save a seat for your "bart buddy?" ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! why is a parking space any different???

and if you keep being a placeholder for cars, it is just a matter of time before you catch someone on a bad day and they bust your kneecaps with their bumper.

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As long as there wasn't any assault with a deadly weapon (the car) - then I don't see why the guy should save a spot for his friend - no car no spot. Now if you bumped him with your car - your ass is grass. Plus, I'd be more worried that he'd
mess with my car while I was gone.