My Crazy Encounter of the Day

What is it about me that attracts the craziest people at any given station? Today, as I waited at the Hayward station for the train back to SF, an elderly African-American gentleman walked up to me and mumbled an incoherent question. I looked up at him (I was seated) and polited said "I'm sorry"? He waved me off, said "never mind", sat next to me and went into a rant about how I don't like him because he is black. Stunned, I shook my head and said "What?". Living in Sf, I know a crazy person when I see one, so I got up and walked away. He continued his tirade and said "you don't like sitting next to n----rs, do you?" I walked all the way to the other end of the platform and still heard him ranting as other passengers argued with him. You sure do eeet all kinds at these stations.