Friday's San Leandro BPD Activity?

Just curious: why were we held at Coliseum for 20 minutes after 5:30 on Friday 5/15? We were told there was "police activity" at the San Leandro station on the southbound side. Not a complaint - I'm just wondering what happened to cause our delay. I didn't see anything on the news or in today's newspaper.

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We have been really busy lately, but if my memory serves me right it was either someone exposing himself to people on the train or a robbery. I was in S.F. at the time but heard it on the radio. Both happened around the same time.

Some dude was exposing himself on the train on Saturday, the 9th, but I don't think anyone told the TO. The funny thing is that the guy was in a business suit and looked professional, but he felt it right to pull his junk out on the last car.

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I heard pepper spray works really well with hot dogs...