ezrider customer service...

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has anyone had trouble getting through to customer service by phone? i've tried calling tons of times this morning and can't get through.

i signed up for the ezrider card friday using my commutercheck mastercard. ezrider sent me an email saying there were denying my request because my address could not be verified. i checked my commutercheck balance this morning only to find out ezrider took $45 and a $5 processing fee..? sooooo, are they going to give me the card or refund my money??? don't know, can't get anyone on the phone.

bart, hurry up and get on the translink system (i already have this card - use it for the bus).

I would suggest you email them again. I've tried calling only to have the phone ring and ring (I only tried once). I prefer email so it's written down.

I've had pretty good experiences the two times I've had to use their customer service, so don't give up!

Your wish is about to come true. Translink will be here in about a week from now. Good on Muni, BART, and CAL Train. Say goodbye to your EZ rider, as it'll be phased out the remaining of the year.

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crap! i finally got confirmation that my ez rider card will be coming in the mail, and translink will be here next week...?!?! i guess i'll cancel my ez rider account...

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just checked my commuter check balance online. ezrider and/or bart charged me twice for setting up one account ($100). they denied my first request because of address verification, but still charged me, and then charged me again after i corrected my address information.

i just cancelled my ezrider account. i knew it was a bad idea to sign up.

i cannot wait for translink (next week hopefully) to kick in!