Color code the stations, please!

BART is notoriously difficult to navigate for those who are from outside the Bay Area, and there is clearly a lot of room for improvement in terms of signage within the BART stations. Friends of mine from out of town are constantly getting lost on BART and having to ask for directions, when simple improvements to station signage could eliminate these problems.

Here are a couple suggestions:

1.) Color code the stations to match the various train lines. If I'm in Walnut Creek, the station should have a big yellow stripe running along the wall. If I'm in Berkeley they should be Orange & Yellow, etc.

2.) Arrows & station names printed on the walls indicating which direction the trains will be going in and what the end locations for each direction are. "Inbound/Outbound" doesn't cut it for visitors who aren't familiar with the system or the Bay Area. The termination points for each line need to be listed on the wall along with the colored stripe designating which line it is, and arrows pointing in the directions the trains are going.

What other suggestions do you guys have for improving signage along BART?

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They put this sign up around the time of the All Star Game:

Embarcadero Station Map

I think it's still up at Embarcadero, but I they should have this at every station.

Also, I've been wishing they would use the color designations more for a long time, like the Metro in DC. It should be all over the signs, all over the trains, and yes, all over the stations, even if it's a Half-Life style rainbow stripe across the top. The problem is they'd have to upgrade all their signage and display boards, which would be quite a feat.

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I'm pretty sure it was a one shot deal they did to help people from out of town coming in for the game. MLB may have even paid for it, I don't know. They even put a baseball on the map where the correct stop was on the MUNI map. I think it's cut off in that picture.

Or, BART could learn from REAL transit operations and have signs on and in each car of a train indicating route and terminal. As to colors--route letters seem to work well in complex systems like NYC
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Good point. In New York City, the stops are very easy to see from the train. The BART signage is hit or miss. Why not put illuminated signs on the back walls of the stations with the station names in large letters? Then, when the train stopped, passengers could quickly look out the window to see where they are.