That BART dude twiddling his thumbs at top of Embarcadero escalators

So, every work day I haul my tired self into SF and up the stairs -- the westernmost stairs -- at Embarcadero Station. And every day there's a BART employee standing on the ticketing level at the top of the platform escalator ... sometimes he's chatting with another employee, sometimes he's idly looking around, sometimes he's just spacing out. I've never seen him actually DO anything. What is he doing there??!?!!?

Could he be the EMT that is stationed on the concourse. I was told recently that BART assigned an EMT in the morning commute rush to haul off sick patrons quickly to avoid tying up in-bound traffic. I've seen him wheel around a chair type gurney with an O2 bottle attached. Then again, he could be a groupee dressed as an EMT.

He's either a Line Supervisor for the Train Operators or a Forworker for the system service workers.

line foreworkers do commute watch at embarcadero, west oakland, macarthur, bayfair, and del norte stations. when there is a problem with a train or on a train they are in position to help out faster than if they had to be called in from the line office. it's true that they appear to be doing nothing when they are standing around, but you can never know when a passenger is going to have a seizure or a door will be jammed open. when it happens they are in position.