24 Hour Weekend Service? Just what are you thinking...

Passengers wearing masks, drunk and every other fool out on Saturday night and BART keeps the system open 24 hours. What a receipe for disaster. This will make New Year's Eve look like a Tiny Tot Parade.

BART's response that the system needed maintenance for the few hours of closure during the *work week* doesn't hold water. The week day working slob is your meal ticket rider, not the weekend recreational/hell raiser/casual rider. I'd like to see the "train of thought" that went into this decision.


Basel saod. "The week day working slob is your meal ticket rider, not the weekend recreational/hell raiser/casual rider. I'd like to see the "train of thought" that went into this decision."
Actually you have it backwards. Transit systems have huge unused capacity in the off hours. Increasing the non rush hour ridership is the lowest investment highest return. Large numbers of potential riders are unwilling to have "Cinderella Liberty" service hours when the headline act is going to play until 2 AM. So, if they can't use BART to get home, why would they use BART to access the show? You may not like the music I elect to pay to attend, but my $$ in the farebox are the same as anyone else's.

It's only lowest investment highest return for hours when the train is already running.

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i don't hate the occasional rider. i hate the clueless person that doesn't observe the unwritten rules. pretty much anything you do/anywhere you go has unwritten rules. if you are in a new situation, you should observe what others are doing and follow suit. stand on the right side of the escalator, walk on the left. line up with everyone else at the black floor tiles. etc. i don't hate new people that don't follow those rules. i hate everyone that doesn't follow those rules. but it seems like there is a lot more of that going on since the bridge went out of service. you can come to your own conclusion on that...

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if you are new to something, you observe what others are doing and then do the same. when i was new to bart (about 5 years ago), i did just that - watched others. if you are on the left of an escalator, it is pretty easy to see a huge line of standers on the right, ZERO people in front of you, and a whole line of pissed off people behind you. it doesn't take a pamphlet written in 14 languages to hammer home what the unspoken rule is in that scenario.

likewise, when you see two relatively orderly lines at every single set of black tiles, that should tell you something about where to wait for the next train...

and some of it is just common sense: for example, doorways were invented for entering and exiting, not for standing. it has been like that since the dawn of time, and it is true whether that door leads into a home, restaurant, office, car, train, etc.

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Ah but that requires you to think about someone OTHER THAN YOURSELF.

You're asking way too much Boopie, shame on you.

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I don't hate occasional riders, I hate self centered inconsiderate riders who make my train smell for weeks after they decide to pound 15 red bull and vodka cocktails and puke all over the floor.

There are plenty of night workers as well which BART actively discriminates against by providing too small trains and reducing our service.

They cut service and CUT the remaining trains which are running 20 minutes or 25 plus minutes apart now.

But I've paid taxes for 35 plus years, I expect ENOUGH friggin service and not a fight when I need to get on a train at midnight because BART rather provide for drunks and homeless than passengers who ride BART to work everyday just like day commuters.