BART is finally acknowledging crime

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For all of you BART PD haters... This is why we exist and still have our guns!


BART Police persistence pays off, results in arrest of armed and dangerous parolee
BART investigators seeking additional information from witnesses

A parolee suspected of robbing a person - and who was considered armed and dangerous - sits in jail thanks to the tireless efforts of several BART Police officers who just wouldn't give up.

The incident began at 10:25 p.m. on July 28, 2010 when the parolee's victim flagged down BART Police at the bus zone of El Cerrito del Norte Station. The victim told BART Police that the suspect pulled out a firearm and robbed him.

BART officers spotted the parolee running across the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80 near MacDonald Avenue. BART Police called the California Highway Patrol and the police departments of Richmond, El Cerrito and San Pablo for assistance. Interstate 80 was shut down in both directions and the allied agencies joined in on the hunt assisted by a CHP helicopter.

An extensive search failed to locate the suspect and the multi-agency search was officially called off and the highway reopened about 15 minutes later.

Although the official multi-agency search was over, eight BART Police officers didn't give up. Several BART officers continued their hunt for the suspect and eventually spotted him hiding out at a Honda dealership near the El Cerrito del Norte Station. BART officers took the suspect into custody after finding him hiding behind the dealership in the car wash area. Police recovered a handgun near the parolee.

BART Police say the suspect has an extensive criminal history that includes robbery, burglary, grand theft, drug and weapons violations.

Police are asking for the public’s help in this case. They are asking that anyone who witnessed the alleged robbery, including the victim or others who may have been victimized, to contact them as soon as possible. Call BART Police at (510) 464-7040 .

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Great job! Too bad the newspapers will bury this on Page A-5 or B-3 though.

So what other crime was going down while those 8 were off wandering the streets of El Cerrito looking for this guy?

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if you think they should have done it differently, where should the officers draw the line then? should they just say "he's off bart property now, who cares if he fare evaded/mugged/stabbed/murdered someone." this isn't the dukes of hazzard where you cross the county line and you are home free.

i think this sends an excellent message: commit a crime in the bart system and we will hunt you down and drag your sorry ass to jail.

Thank you BPD for your persistence in getting one more creep off the street for a while. Glad you didn't give up the search.


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Police departments in general are very bad at sending out press releases when they do something GOOD. I hope the new management at BART PD keeps up its communications with the public so we can see both sides of what is going on.

This is my station, so an EXTRA special THANK YOU for the persistence. Well done, and I hope the courts finally decide that the free world has seen enough of this scum.

The suspect is probably responsible for other robberies in and around the area, let's hope other victims step forward and put this guy away. News like this doesn't sell newspapers, unless the perp in this case has a last name of G...t, or the brother of a well known sports figure.