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Yes, I have change. No, you're not getting it. Leave me the Fuck Alone!

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I'm cross-posting this from Claycord because typing it reminded me how angry I am at the people wrecking my commute every single day.

I am really really REALLY sick of being begged for money every single day. Do these people think I take BART every morning at 6am for fun? Do they really think people who ride the nasty smelly trains every day have money to throw at beggars? If I had extra money I’d be driving a Beamer and screaming into my hands free kit with a Starbucks every morning FFS. Also, the same three people asked me YESTERDAY for change and I said no. How is today any different?

I’m also fed up with the people who GIVE money to the beggars and enable them to keep standing there with their signs all day. Give your money to a homeless action organization if you feel bad for these people, then it won’t go straight to crack, booze, meth, or whatever their poison of choice is. Guess what? They’re NOT buying food with it! Aren’t people sick of having to walk through urine soaked streets? I sure am.

I thought SFPD and BPD were

I thought SFPD and BPD were finally doing something about these people because I noticed one regular who really hassled me hadn't been at Montomery (Fidelity side) lately but they are back again. I ended up having to switch sides of the street on Montgomery when I enter the system because the one guy hassled me so bad and threatened to kick my ass if I didn't give him any money. Then, there is some other real loser of a drunk who is always there at midnight on the Fidelity side wanting money swearing at people when they don't give him any.

They are there at midnight and they are there when I get off the train between 2 and 3 coming into work. Guess they must be there 24 hours a day. They are also ON the trains again too. Glad you posted this. They are also up and down the street my entire way to and from work and some psycho woman is always out panhandling cars on MOntgomery at midnight in front of Fidelity as well. There are also people ont he One Post Side but they seem to not be so aggressive.

These people are also at the BART machines and entrances to the system in Concord and at Montgomery.

SF needs to really address this problem; they just don't do anything about anything and I'm tired of seeing these people passed out on the street as well.

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A lot of them hang out near

A lot of them hang out near the machines in the Powell station to harass the tourists.

And of course the BART employees don't care or do anything. Sometimes I see MUNI employees yell at them though.

New York City cleaned itself

New York City cleaned itself up by having their police crack down on quality of life violations. I wish they would do the same here. I have to, however, give BIG KUDOS to the Train Operator who, the other day, made an announcement about their being a beggar on the train and said "please do not give this guy any money, he has plenty of money and he is here harassing people every day."

I've had it with these

I've had it with these panhandlers. I just want to ride in peace. After they pass thru my car I get on the intercom to get the Train Operator to call BART PD.

What's just as bad is BART encouraging the musicians (if you can call them that) in the Downtown SF stations.

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Yeah, it is pretty bad. The

Yeah, it is pretty bad. The musicians and bums in Civic Center are the worst. They piss all over the place and it takes BART *days* to clean it up.

Yeah, god forbid there be

Yeah, god forbid there be music in the stations, or allow folks to actually work for their money. You people have a stick jammed waaaay up there. I've heard Stepford is nice this time of year - just some nice non-offensive elevator music in the background....

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I can deal with the

I can deal with the "entertainment", there's usually only one at a time at the station. They stand off to the side and do their thing and if people want to throw some money in their bag fine. They're not blocking the escalators with their street sheets asking every single person every single day for change to buy coffee. If all they needed was coffee or bus fare, they wouldn't be there 18 hours a day.

The funniest panhandler I

The funniest panhandler I ever saw was a few years outside Embarcadero station. He kept saying over and over, "A Nickle and a smile will last you a long while." Those beggars who beg for change should really go away though. What's worst is when you're entering Powell station via where the cable cars turn around. You always smell urine and homeless people walking around begging you for change or handing out stuff.

I can't help but wonder why

I can't help but wonder why the bathrooms at the Powell Street station are closed for "security reasons" when the frequent use of nearly every other surface in the station for that purpose hasn't opened up any major gateway for Bin Laden & Co. to sneak through. Go figure.

It was just a convenient

It was just a convenient excuse for BART to close down the bathrooms in Downtown because bums would always go in there to trash the place. Same reason why the Temporary Transbay Terminal has no bathrooms save for the ones in the Greyhound building. And to use those you need a Greyhound ticket.

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I know that guy! When I used

I know that guy! When I used to get off and on at Powell he was there (around 2004-2006) and now I see him (sometimes) at Embarc. I like him. He's upbeat. And if you give him some change he uses my phrase: "That's one in a row!"
I don't mind most of the panhandlers at the entrances/exits to the stations. What bothers me most are the ones that come onto the cars then do their Les Miserables bit. Those are the worst because you're trapped during and after the performance. One woman brings her daughter (or some young girl who we're at least supposed to think is her daughter).
Is there not a rule against this?