Does anyone follow the rules?

I was waiting at the end of the platform at Embarcadero when I saw this guy puffing away. I told him there was no smoking. He gave me a look, paused, then ground out his cigarette. His girlfriend gave me an attitude and asked "Do you work for BART?" I couldn't think of a witty comeback so I just said "No, uh, it's against the rules to smoke here."

Why do people get all offended when they're told they can't do something? Being part of civilized society is following rules of conduct so we can share the trains/stations happily. What's the point with the rules these goof offs do whatever they want anyway?

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sure it sucks, but this happened at the end of the platform. i'm glad that someone took the time to inform the guy that he should put the cig out.

it's not like the guy was smoking right by the station agent booth. the cops/agents can't be in all places at all times.

i had a similar situation in line for a ride at an amusement park once. we told the guy it was illegal to smoke in line. rather than putting it out, he chose to confront us. he ended up getting kicked out of the park all because he was a douche with no respect for others.

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Just this morning I saw a guy with a half eaten apple having trouble with his ticket. He walks over to the booth and gets help from the agent, apple in one hand, ticket in the other. Agent didn't say a word about not eating in the system. Granted, he wasn't in the system yet, but would be in a few seconds.

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As you should clean up the crappers when your at work. Oh wait that's not your job. So that makes you lazy also. hummmm.

Station Agents and Train Operators are there to inform you of the rules, BART police are there to enforce it.

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when i was working in sf, there was a large entry to one of the office buildings that was plastered with no smoking signs. i can't recall the address, but it is on california at the corner of sansome; a large reddish marble building. anyway, this entryway plastered with no smoking signs was also plastered with smokers 24/7. you can't stop douchebag smokers, you can only hope to contain them.

i think the issue you are missing is that bart PATRONS are the rude ones causing the problems. who smears shit all over the toilets and pisses all over the floors? who smokes in the the passageways between cars? who takes a shit in the stairwell of the parking structure? spits their gum on the carpets? barfs on the seats, etc?

if bart hired babysitters for all the moronic patrons, your ticket price would increase substantially.

It's amazing that you can tell a fare evader by sight.

It is a societal norm these days. No one anywhere likes to follow the rules. It began at the top, and continues to be a bad role model for society.

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This. Unfortunately, it's not worth the angry confrontation to point out the rules to someone. Usually, the people I see obviously breaking the rules are not the sort of people I would make conversation with anyway, so why would I provoke them? Not to mention that people who DO follow the rules will stick up for people's "right" NOT to follow the rules.

I had some dude snidely ask me what the homeless guy did to me the one time I called BART PD. I asked him why he thought it was OK to just leave someone alone who was passed out over the arm of the seat into the aisle on the train. What if they were having a medical emergency? He looked out the window the rest of the ride.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

I don't expect anyone else to confront people breaking the rules. I used to just look the other way when someone was smoking or munching on their McDonald's. I don't give a sh*t if you eat, drink or smoke. If it doesn't affect me I don't care. Just don't do it when I'm around or leave the aftermath behind on the seat.

I draw the line at confronting fare evaders though. Even though it's messed up that they jump the faregate it's not worth risking myself. I wish BPD was around to catch them.

BPD would do NOTHING! They are no more inclined to make people follow the rules than anyone else is.