Women who can't get up 10 minutes earlier in the morn to apply their make-up?

Every morning I see at least one lady who pulls out their entire make-up bag and apply their make-up. We're talking plucking of the eyebrows, putting their pierced earing in their noses, brushing the hair (shudder)...I mean everything right up to the finishing powder. This is classless and disgusting to say the least.

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Yea this can be annoying. I could see it perhaps if she was running late or there was some type of emergency, but to do it on a regular basis is just lazy AND really doing in at home in proper lighting, with a proper mirror and NOT moving will produce a much better result.

This is not something I understand. I did it once as I mistimed and really didn't plan well(it was mid-morning, therefore not at all crowded, so it was fine.)

The train's movements and shifting makes it really hard to apply makeup evenly. I can't understand how women can apply mascara without poking themselves with the wand or getting mascara on their eyelid. I think I read a while ago on this board where a woman poked herself in the eye with a pin trying to separate her eyelashes. Sigh.

There's a woman like that who gets on at the D/P station. She puts on her entire face, and I've seen her powder flying all over the place. Disgusting.

Hell yeah this is nasty. So watch out make-up ladies, cuz I'm coming by with a 'crop dusting'.

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I concur. Unless powder is flying- meh.