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To the man with the black fedora who said he had a five year old

Craigslist is becoming too much a hassle to post on, but I gotta vent:

I feel really sorry for your child. I’m not really sure why you felt the need to tell a woman who didn’t say excuse me that you had a 5 year old more articulate than her. I am not aware of the context of the conversation, but it seems you don’t ride BART very often.

Considering you were not standing particularly close to the doorway at Lake Merritt at about 9:15 tonight, made no moves to the door as the train pulled into the station and hung onto the overhead straps, I had no way of knowing whether you were getting off. And I think the “push” I gave you was because I couldn’t tell if you had heard me when I said “Excuse me” three times, in louder tones. There was someone else behind me who wanted to get off as well, so I figured I’d get moving.

There was no need to lean so close and bark “I’m getting off here too!” Okay then. Instead of sniping that I shouldn’t push you and that if I had a problem I could take it up with the officers on the train, you might want to live in the real world or take BART more often. Or at least explain if you heard me the first couple of times that you were getting off the train. BART riders are often discourteous and obnoxious. But your overly aggressive response does not do any favors for anyone. Maybe it was a good thing those officers were on the train after all.

I hope you don’t teach your child to be so aggressive out in the real world and get some anger management classes. I don't know if you were tired, had a bad day or what, but WOW, talk about over the top.

Honestly, what IS it lately? Just this morning some woman snapped, "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" when I guess I cut in front of her getting on the up escalator. Do these people ride BART often? It seems to me BART is more crowded with people who have no idea how to behave on public transportation, ie talking as loudly as possible on the phone, hogging seats, standing in the doorways without moving to let people in/out, thinking they own entire aisle, seat, line, pole, etc.

Lately I've been thinking of possibly eventually shifting my work schedule (my job might allow this), so I could avoid situations like this, but I guess riding at off times doesn't matter either.

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Riding on off times doesn't

Riding on off times doesn't matter. BART always manages to suss up the dregs, both in passengers and in staff.

I'm thinking about changing my schedule so I can drive to work instead of taking BART. I'm stick and tired of spending $8 per day for horrible service in filthy trains that are over crowded with rude passengers.

The person you described is

The person you described is exactly the sort who will stand like a statue after the doors open, wait until they begin to close to realize that "huh, maybe I should start moving now", block the doors as they close, and then put the train out of service because of it (that very thing happened during my commute to work about a year ago).

You did what you could: you said "excuse me" multiple times. When he wouldn't move, you went around him. The tard decided that he cooperating with other passengers was beneath him. He's a grown man who still hasn't learned the simple process of how to exit a train. It's not your fault that he blamed you for his own stupidity. Don't waste any energy on the loser.

True, you could drive to work/wherever you're going instead. But you'll spend alot more money. And um, yeah: you'll still encounter rude people, some of whom will try to use their cars as weapons.