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I have been applying to work for BART for over 3 years

Dear BART,

I have a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have 3 years of experience in transit vehicle design and another year of government engineering and policy experience (along with 2 more years of other professional experience). I have been watching the BART jobs website like a hawk for over 3 years, and have been applying to all engineering positions that I am remotely qualified for. I have yet to receive any response that is not "we are sorry to inform you that we have moved ahead with more qualified applicants." Is there some way for me to find out what it means to be "more qualified?" I have contacted the job application help line on 2 occasions in regard to positions that I feel I was a perfect fit for and have been unable to get any helpful information.


PS. Please do not post racially charged comments or turn this into a spitting match. I am looking for help with the application process. I know that I am an excellent candidate but seem unable to conquer the red tape required to get an interview.

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why are you so desperate to

why are you so desperate to get into an agency that clearly has no interest in qualified candidates?

p.s. have you ever heard of the term "casting couch"? there's a reason why some of the cloth seats have such persistent stains.

I wouldn't say desperate. I

I wouldn't say desperate. I am after all gainfully employed, more like frustrated. I feel like my skills would be a great asset to BART. In return I get an employer that is not motivated purely by profit.

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I would really suggest you do

I would really suggest you do some soul searching if your thinking a company not motivated by profit is better than where you are. Bart has serious issues , all around. I look at it like shoveling cow poop in different parts of the world , yes the scenery is different but ... It's still shoveling poop .

I have previous experience at

I have previous experience at CARB. I understand that government agencies aren't a wonderland. I have had enough experience in what I am doing now to know that it is not the right environment for me.

The intial job applications

The intial job applications are screened for keywords so make sure that your app matches whatever keywords are in the job postings. For example, if they want AAA, BBB and CCC certification you would write "I have AAA and BBB certification. Plan to obtain CCC certification." This will be enough to get you through the robo/HR screening and have someone in your area of interest actually see your application.

I'd agree with the other posters, though, and think carefully about working at BART--the pay is lower than the private sector and advancement depends more on politics than skill.

I have little outlook for

I have little outlook for advancement in my current position. I have seen many people promoted, but I am not related to the correct people to get such a promotion.

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Dear Job Applicant: Please do

Dear Job Applicant:

Please do some homework. With the recent announcement that BART will be putting out to bid for new rail cars, please chase down potential job openings from the 3-4 rail car manufacturers that will probably enter bids. The initial design specifications prepared by BART were probably completed by contractors in the design phase. Once BART accepts the proposed design, the contract administrators will package an RFP for construction of the transit vehicles. BART isn't going to maintain a full time branch of engineers on its payroll for such capital projects.

Most of this work is done with outside contractors. The mechanical engineers at BART do exist, but turnover, if I'm correct is very, very low. Look for the prime contractor for the project you're interested in and seek a position on the private sector side working on the BART project.

Lastly, you're competing with candidates with PE after their names and with many years of mass transit engineering experience. Keep trying.

I am currently employed for a

I am currently employed for a transit vehicle manufacturer. I am not interested in relocating outside of the bay area, and I would like to continue a career in transportation.

Example position #2794, transit vehicle system's engineer. BS Mechanical engineering: check, 2 year of transit vehicle design: check, Subsystem testing and equipment design/construction: check, Technical engineering drawings: check, Parts and service support: check, Engineer in training cert: check, etc. I met every requirement, and desirable requirement for this position. I wrote a cover letter addressing each point on the job application giving examples as to how I met the requirement. I submitted the application on time, and the position listing closed on 1-13-12. I have not heard anything back. I have other applications that are listed as applied and open dating back over 1 year.

I feel like I am missing something or am possibly making some mistake filling out the online form. I have had friends review my applications for the last 6 months just in case I forgot to check something. I have also contacted the job help line, but have been unable to gather any helpful tips.

Is there something that I am missing which leads me to be overlooked?

I want to throw one more

I want to throw one more comment on here.

I spoke with another guy who applied for the systems engineering position and got an interview. He did NOT meet all of the requirements on the posting. I am a bit confused and upset by this fact. Additionally he told me that the questions he was asked were very specific to the BART trains. In order to answer them you would need inside knowledge of the system. How is it possible to learn about the technical workings of BART and the BART trains without having work there? It seems that this position was targeted for internal promotions. If that is the case how do you get your foot in the door and were can I study up about the BART system and BART trains?