Bikes Strollers and WheelChairs on Escalators

I am so amused that kron4 did a segment on people that are idiots that take their bikes on escalators at BART.. They also showed a few people taking strollers down the escalators too.

Most people don't know you can have an officer cite someone taking the bike on the escalators. And it's part of the vehicle code so it goes on their driving record.

I hope they put it on the kron4 website.. The segment was called "People Behaving Badly"

You have to have a BART police officer around to write the ticket (and also one who will actually do so), so no one needs to worry about being cited.

if you wish to have someone cited for infractions like fare evasion or food/drink, they cannot refuse.
Lookup the 640 section of the penal code.

Nope, bicycle offences don't count on your driving record, since you don't have to have a driving license to ride a bicycle.

I reported a bike on a crowded commute train to two officers at 12th St Station. They told me "next time, let us know and we'll cite them." Huh? I did tell them and they did nothing. Why would I bother to report it again?

I can see how that can be discouraging. Here you think you're doing the right thing and then the BART police seem disinterested. Perhaps they were dealing with another incident or waiting for a particular train to be checked. In that situation, there could be several stations that pass before an officer could check the train for a bike violation. The officers you told wouldn't have been able to check the train since I'm assuming the train had already left the station by the time you reported it to them. Maybe the other officers down the line were busy. The officers probably made a decision not to pursue the violation due to higher priority situations. A bicycle violation is probably considered a pretty low priority incident.

In the future, the best way to have this person caught is to report it as early as possible using your cell phone or the train intercom. Not only can the train operator make an announcement, but the BART police can be waiting for the violator at a station down the way the issue them a citation.

Search CA Vehicle Code 21113

DUI on a bicycle counts on your driving record jackass.

I got pulled over for DUI on a bike and the cop said it was the same as a car. I was like WTF???

After making a big show out of pouring my beer out he let me go.

Bicycle riding (or walking) offences DO appear on your driving record. If you don't believe me next time you see a traffic officer watching an intersection, go thru the red light or stop (whatever the case may be) and see the you will see the vehicle code section on the citation. If you don't have a license, you will be giving a "X" number that serves as your driving record for the license you don't have.

PS: the vehicle code section that BART PD uses is "21113a VC" for bicycle on the escalator.

I have occasionally taken a stroller up or down an escalator when an elevator is either out of service or too disgusting to use. I'm sorry, I'm not going to cram myself, 3 kids and a stroller into an elevator where the urine smell is so strong that the ammonia is making my eyes sting.

I do wait until the escalator is empty (either in front or behind me) to use it if I have the stroller with me, and I take the baby out of it.

I'd just use the stairs, but trying to carry a baby, the stroller, a diaper bag and having to corral the other kids is just too much to do.

When karma happens and jr. is in the hospital, I will chuckle. Just don't whine and say "I wish I had ..."

Well dillhole, if the elevators were working and clean all the time, I wouldn't have to take the stroller up the escalator, now would I?

I never, ever leave the child in the stroller on the escalator, so it works out like someone holding one of those rolling suitcases and carrying a baby at the same time, dumbass.

You are a terrible parent. I can't believe your language. I cry for the coming generation.

Sometimes the escalators stop running because of power outages. I've actually seen people go tumbling down them because of that. That's one of the major reasons bicycles can't be brought on escalators, nor should strollers.

Some parents are so irresponsible with their children its sickening. Do you ever see these parents walking their kids across busy intersections against the red light? What kind of crap are they teaching their kids?

Yes, I have seen parents do that with their kids and 9th Street and Howard or something where cars are famous for speeding through red lights. I couldn't believe it. I can see the parent above has a good argument about the stroller. I don't use the elevators but Monday night I was on a train car that smelled so bad of urine and the backs of the seats were so dirty, I can just imagine what the elevators must be like. You really want those kids stepping in that elevator urine and then stepping into someone's house, NOT. I feel sorry for anyone wearing white that has to sit in one of those train seats. Left and went to the next car, not any better. The entire backs of the BART seats are just sweaty dirt from head to toe; so gross. Luckily, I had a towel. I'm ready to start bringing my own seat cover or something. This has got to be some sort of a health hazard.


Please please please for your safety put something on the seats before you sit. Remember you are sitting on many "hot lunches" from past Halloween, New Years and other holidays. ask what is a "hot lunch"...vomit. The trains are not steamed cleaned. There is a product that is spread on the offense it soaks up the moisture and swept up you don't see the gross stuff you just feel the wetness. Nice

Quit Snitching/Bitching


Snitches get stitches

The two officers I reported to about the bike on the train were leaning on the railing next to the stairs on the concourse level and talking to each other. I'm not a cop basher (I defend you guys a lot here) but really, how would I report this differently in the future? I'm not going to call it in to dispatch unless the biker has a gun or something.

And while I'm thinking about it, I watched a fare evader at Civic Center go over the gates with cops within spitting distance of him because the cops had their backs to the faregates while they were yukking it up with a cute young thing. I walked up to them and told them that a fare evader just went over the gates (and pointed him out) and one cop gave me a long stare and said nothing. Although I think they were SF cops, so that would explain it. I reported to an SF cop in Civic Center about people shooting up drugs in the stairway and again I got the long hard look. What is with those guys, anyway?

They were thinking what a little sissy bitch you are for snitching on such minor offenses.

What did you expect the cops to do? Like the other guy said, they couldn't run down the tracks to catch the train or hop in their car to chase down a train over a bicycle violation. It's low priority. If you wanted something done about it, then you should have stepped up to the plate and called it in on your cell phone or used the intercom. The BART cops need to be ahead of the train, not behind it.

I'm sure the BART dispatch get calls about minor stuff all the time so don't feel ashamed calling it in next time.

Small price to pay to keep our homes safe, especially while our service men and women are being killed to protect us from evil overseas.

It would be worse to allow thugs to intimidate people.


And I Repeat: Do not visit the above website. Piece of shit.

Also bikes need to be banned on BART.

Bikes should be allowed on BART at all times, but required to pay for the bike. Simply for the fact that a bike takes as much room as another person, and should be charged.

Right now I bring my bike on the weekends, but I can't use it for work on the weekdays.. I would pay to be able to take my bike the weekdays that I work.

now that's a well thought out idea, though I do not believe a persons fare from point A to point B should be double (as in a ticket for the person and a ticket for the bike), but would be the easiest method for charging.

I think a surcharge would be better applied, if it could be worked out such.

I stepped up to the plate and told two cops. It's not my job to figure out the best strategy for dealing with the guy and his bike.

Won't bother to do it again.

You're right... it is not your job and no one ever said it was. The point of those messages were to explain to you how things work. You expected the cops to jump up and do something about it, but it was explained to you how that couldn't happen over a minor violation like that.

You shouldn't be discouraged to report crimes or other quality of life issues, but you have to consider several factors before you expect to see results. By giving the officers more advanced notice and reporting it to the train operator, the officers could have been waiting for the violator on the platform and off-boarded them at 12th street.

Yeah, next time make an appointment to report someone commiting a violation. It seems that many people posting here would like to see some results especially when fare evasion and various other violations go on repeatedly in plain sight of BART patrons and frequently BART employees over and over again.

BART Police always have an excuse ready, such as "They were responding to a call, when you reported your problem," yet we see the officer standing there yucking it up, with the station agent. "He did not cite the fareevader because, an officer can use his discretion," even though the kid has been doing it for months and this is the first time, he was caught." "BART Police do more than you see," yet they never tell you, what it is they are doing.

All anyone really wants, is a safe train to ride, be able to buy a ticket without having a bum, hit you up for cash, have BART Police make some attempt and being proactive and not reactive. When was, the last time you saw a Cop in a staton on a weekend? Anyway, that's my rant...

I saw a BART cop at the Mcarthur station on the weeked.

Right! People who obey the laws and rules have the reasonable expectation that those who do not have the character to obey them will be cited, arrested, whatever, especially when the enforcement action should done by BART employees whose salaries are paid by our fares, sales taxes, patking fees, other taxes, etc. BART patrons are just not getting what we pay for, by a long shot.

Hey now you know the Agents feel when they don't get police support. and since Agents have no police powers, and their job is to assist paying customers and emergencies and more. Why would they want to do the police's job since they can't anyway..

They see fare evasion many times a day.