BART employees are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to log overtime

Enough evidence has emerged, we don't need absolute proof, we can infer from what we know, and fill in the blanks.

BART employees are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to rack-up as much overtime as possible - when in fact it is not real overtime.

The game is as follows : conspire with your co-worker(s) to call in sick on different days and then sign-up for co-worker's vacated shift. Get paid overtime ( 150% normal salary ) for working your co-worker's shift. Repeat endlessly, up to your maximum sick days per year ( if there is even a limit ).

This is a criminal enterprise based on deceiving your employer and conspiring with you co-workers

In the private corporate world, if this type of behavior was uncovered, the employees would be fired immediately, and possibly sued in civil court.

What aren't the authorities investigating what is clearly a criminal conspiracy to defraud BART riders and CA taxpayers of our hard-earned money ?

BART employees : if you are honest and you know a fellow employee who is engaging in this criminal behavior , it is your moral , ethical , legal responsibility to the people of CA to report this behavior -- yes you will be protected ( and possibly rewarded ) by the whistle-blower laws.

Check-out this editorial in the Contra Costa Times that sheds more light on this criminal conspiracy by BART employees to defraud riders and taxpayers :

1. There is a limit, I think it is 12 days? Maybe less.. So that wouldn't work long..

2. They have an extraboard, people that make normal salary, that if they don't have a shift, work at the station assigned. But is used to fill vacancies. Mangement has under staffed so much that they are always used. But even with understaffing it would still be impossible to sharpshoot a shift, due to the fact that Overtime is assigned to those with the lease number of overtime hours if called.

So basically there are rules/checks that would make it difficult to do what you are describing.

Your post is you just guessing and trying to stir the pot, but that's ok... That's why I ask questions of my friends that work, so I don't post stupid assumptions. (you know what they say about assumptions right?). But that's just me, not everyone thinks the same way.

But there should be investigations by unbiased group, their Unfair Labor Practices, and the habitual under staffing that causes so much taxpayer funded overtime. Would be simple to take their overtime away if you don't want them to have it. Simply staff shifts appropriately, and/or have sufficient extraboard.