How can we help management?

I support bart management 100% and want to know if there is any way for regular riders to support management during the union negotiations. Management should use profits to enhance the system's reach, safety and reliability while keeping total employee compensation in check.

As a regular bart rider, I depend on the system to get me (and many of my employees) to work each day. Another strike will be painful and extremely disruptive. That said, I would rather go through the pain of another strike than see public and rider money be misused. We need to step up investments in infrastructure if we want the system to continue to meet the needs of Bay Area riders.

How can we help? Who can we write letters to?

Yes, tell BART Management to stop lieing and they can't feed at the trough and line th their pockets while none of the employees get their share. BART Management is definitely less than honest and use the media in a bad way with their half truths. I'm sure BART would run just fine with just the workers managing it. I, for one, would like to know what(dis)Grace's daily duties are.

yes, but that would be changing another members post.

boy this is laughable! the management that makes 8 million dollar station mistakes after zillions of studies and 19 million dollar software errors. yeah, support BART management, they know what they're doing, NOT. Hopefully, if BART receives any federal grants, BART MANAGEMENT will use them for something besides THEIR OWN FRIGGIN SALARIES, PENSIONS AND BENEFITS. BART MANAGEMENT made the system what it is today. A broken down mess. I've been riding BART since it opened and find the "I support BART Management 100" friggin laughable. BARFT needs a housecleaning from top to bottom and MANAGEMENT heads needs to roll first. Talk about top heavy and useless, as well the BART Board! No one should be allowed to be in BART Management or the Board who doesn't ride BART regularly. Maybe then, they might catch a clue. Pro Union!