Liberals in San Francisco turn against Bart's union

“I’m slightly less pro-union than I was in the past, because I think unions can be so supportive of their members that they are not looking at the entire picture of society.”


“This is just another example of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer,” said Dana McMillan, 42, who was at the MacArthur BART station with her twin daughters in a double stroller. “The people working at BART are homeowners.”

It's BART management's fault the system is a pile of shit. They are overpaid as well and something should be done about management's compensation packages for ALL of BART not just the workers. They'll all be getting big fat raises this year. Grace should never have been hired; BART should have promoted within. The taxpayers have to wait two years for Grace to figure out her job? i don't fucking think so. I want her OUT and someone with an education in mass transportation in that has the ability to figure out what needs to be done with BART without spending $400K for stupid negotiators and studies. Dorothy never should have been made General Manager either but at least she was promoted. There is no reason management should be making the salaries they are when the taxpayer is riding this smelly old decrepit train that is falling apart every day with levels of service that don't match 2008 with increased ridership. ALL OF BART FUCKING SUCKS RIGHT NOW. Powell Street Station smells so bad, you could pass out. What kind of management is that?

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You are 90% correct. only a couple mistakes. #1 Dorthy came from outside as well. #2 Tom Hock came with staff so your bill is over a cool million, it's just his cut that is $400k. Also you're not waiting two years for Grace to figure out her job. You're waiting two years at $330,000 per for Grace to be fully vested with full retirement. That happens next month by the way so I expect her to retire in the near future to be replaced by another empty suit. This is why I laugh when people complain about the outrageous salaries of front line workers and how they support management. BART could loose half of it's upper echelons and still operate just fine. A real general manager should see and do something about that. Oops, I think I just fell into bartarded's fantasy-land. Where'd these Ruby kicks come from!

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Pretending I'm not a BART employee? Really? I'm convinced you wear a crash helmet. You continue to amaze me.

For the reasonably intelligent other people...

The people that clean the trains are called car cleaners. They clean the trains in the train yards overnight. If and I mean If they have time, they will clean the fabric cushions that the Public has insisted keeping via polls. Like most system service people, I have never met an overweight car cleaner, they bust ass doing that job.

The people that clean the trains at terminal points are called E.O.L (end of line) cleaners. They are the ones that do the quick light cleaning at the end of the lines. You can see them going from one end of the train to the other with a garbage bag in hand and a grabber in the the other.

The people that clean the stations are called system service.

Ok, now a quick note about Cleanliness of Trains and Stations.

Management has decided that a lone System service worker can maintain three stations. This include all the trashcans recycle bins mopping and sweeping stairwells and elevators, tiled areas and anything stainless steel that you see. If you feel the stations are dirty, Management is responsible. Just one person to fly between three stations constantly being pushed and worried about being fired.

Station agents and train operators have no say about "service dogs", derelicts and dope campers. We have been told that if someone has a ticket they can ride period. Unless they do something to harass other riders, BART Police have no say either. You can thank the ACLU for that. The police can't even check their ticket to see how long they have been doing laps in the system because that can be considered profiling. Now since these people don't give a fuck about life they then shit and piss or jerk off e.t.c. right there on the train or platform.

These dirty conditions are brought to you by management, not the understaffed and overworked people that clean.

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I already posted repeatedly what the agents, system service, and cops can and can not do.

You have zeroed in on unwashed disenfranchised/mentally ill individuals fouling up the system. No reasoning person wants derelicts haunting stations and trains. The ACLU has sued claiming they have the same rights of passage as anybody else. To restrict them from assaulting people places and things with their diseases, parasites, bacteria, filth and hobo juice or the act of "just resting" is a violation the their (and your) rights. What you want is simply illegal on the grounds that you have those rights as well.

side note: we don't like it either.

I would think that if people reported with a little more flourish with police trigger statements such as "aggressive" panhandler or "exposing their junk" "grabbed/fondled my/his/her/that/their little kid's ______ parts" "threatening to kill" "I/we saw them with a gun/knife/screwdriver/dead animal"

Some people might go to extremes and give them a cheap watch or some other trinket of little value and report that they took it. I would guess there are many ways around the rights of homeless for more creative people, not that I would suggest any thing like these examples.