Flea bites on BART

Hi Everybody,

I am a daily BART commuter who spends about an hour a day taking the train. On Thursday (8/22/2013), I was taking the train to work in the morning as usual. I remember the train car I was in had carpet floor and it was dirty with an unpleasant smell. Soon after I got to my office, I felt itchiness on both my ankles. Later that day, I developed a hive all over my lower leg area. I immediately consulted my doctor, she said the hive is consistent with flea bites.

I am trying to see if any of you BART riders have similar experiences. I want to find out if the fleas I have contracted might be coming from BART. I don't have carpet or pets at home. My work has carpet floor, but it is relatively clean and I have never seen any fleas around. I am really paranoid about wearing any kind of sandals to BART after this incident.


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to funny Joe, get informed, sorry you have a crap job and they pay you what they think your worth.

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"It's my service pit bull, I mean my service dog"

I'm not saying anything one way or the other but I do have one word I want to say to you.


so not surprised at that between all the travelers and homeless, the dogs are probably the least to blame for bugs on BART.

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What I said was; "Really? This is the best you can come up with? I've been writing quite prolifically since my return and you are the only one that says I'm being incoherent. This puts the big bull's eye of the lacking any significant intelligence back on your forehead. As far as defending your intelligence, you don't have all that much to defend as I keep proving it to you at almost every post.

This has become a game of whack a turd. No matter what the subject, you pop up and spew a bunch of shit that you have no clue about and I gotta respond only for you to pop up elsewhere. I should have enough tickets to get free pizza for everybody on this site by now.

I was reviewing posts from when I was gone and I found a post from you years ago that stated you had been applying to BART for years previous. You are literally the modern day equivalent that ugly little hunchback in the movie 300. From just the little time I've been here it would seem you have worn everybody to the point of not bothering to even respond nor show up. I don't have a problem with people complaining, it's clueless shit talkers that catch my attention. In your case that would be getting my panties in a bunch."


Messg to Treo,JBap,Lucifer,JoJO and the wonder mutt, and the other Ancients on here;

This Bartarded is a fucking idiot, he has totally made this site a toxic dump and seems to have made it his personal dumping ground. I'm not aware of what happened since I left, but this guy and his stuck on stupid mentality are amazing!
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No tantrum, just statement of fact. you're clueless and it's pretty much pointless to try to educate you when you do nothing but hate. I said I was pulling back, not bothering to post anymore and I'm barely responding to other people's posts with minimal sentences if at all. And yes, the time between my visits is getting much longer as it is evident that it's becoming SBSDD.

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It's pretty much a given you are double digit IQ but if you are as mundane as I think, then you are too unaware to realize that fact. You respond with anger like you somehow matter to any discussions on this site when all you do is talk shit.

Now before you get all uppity and tell me about the name of this site is BART RAGE not BART LOVE e.t.c. I invite you to re read what the mission statement at the top of the homepage states because you even got the theme of this site wrong. No surprise as you are the maestro in your one instrument orchestra so sadly you sound awesome to just you.

Now as far as what I said... First of all I was addressing the ORIGINAL members of this site, YOU are not one of us.

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You recently denied that you applied to BART but, when I was reading the old posts, I read the one about 4 years ago where you stated that you applied to BART multiple times. So who's the lying bullshitter again?

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bartarded is what happens when you miss the last 297 MENSA meetings.
That reminds me...

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Here I go again having to correct you.

I said "ABOUT 4 years ago". Again your reading comprehension fails you. You are still a lying bullshitter, so sad yet...FUNNY!
Oh and my I.Q. tested and averaged over the three tests is well north of 150. Sorry to disappoint you again but I'm sure you're used to that by now.

You have yet to show any meaningful insight in any dialog apart from your epic ability to snivel. Between your obvious career envy and your absurd conspiracy theories you continue to astound. This, along with your steadfast adherence to your insipid opinions even when presented with simple truth to the contrary is pathetic.

As far as the Dunning Kruger effect.
You are not intelligent enough to be able to tell the difference between real intelligence and that phenomena likely because you seem to be suffering from Anosognosia.

Let me save you the trouble of looking it up:
Anosognosia is viewed as a deficit of self-awareness, a condition in which a person who suffers certain disability seems unaware of the existence of his or her disability.

Stating that you are "watching me" while declaring I have a piss poor command of the English language is really funny. You are READING my response mister master of the English language. LOL Now that's really hilarious!

As far as you being my better? Sure, whatever helps you stay hilarious.

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1. If you didn't apply then you probably stated you wanted to work at BART but I really don't care/remember either way and If I'm not interested in putting up a poll then you can imagine I'm really not interested in Easter egg hunting either. You wouldn't make it into BART anyway.

2. Wasn't online tests, first was in high school, third was to confirm the uncommon score of the second one in college. Most people don't know about the percentile so I don't bother. e-cock uh.....now where'd I put that thing...I think the Jamaicans "borrowed" it from my timeshare.

3. 99.9th percentile IQ is fantastic, unfortunately I don't have my e-cock right now so I don't have an opinion beyond what I and others have already stated in previous posts, but good luck with that.

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Once again bartarded is a disgruntled employee of MacDonald who lost his job due to spitting on Hamburgers.

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I and everybody else agrees he is a fucking idiot. Well said Train Operator.

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Wow! first Treo jbap21 and now you are here too? Apparently the ancients really are visiting. Good to read from you guys (and girl) again!

Now my opinions are only mine but, maybe somebody would put up a poll to Bartarded's intelligence level or credibility might help him see himself through the eyes of the people on this site. I would have no issue if I were placed under the same scrutiny in that same poll. Who knows? even he may be right about me more so than I believe. I personally don't care enough to bother but maybe somebody else does.

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Again you are betrayed by your substandard reading comprehension skill.

What I wrote was a suggestion to anybody who cared to do it would be a poll on how well you are communicating your opinion and your reasoning facts v/s how much you traduce on a this site. I did not infer or say anything about a popularity contest. I volunteered myself to the same scrutiny as a gesture of fairness is all. What I believe is that you are adding nothing to the content of this site nor the dialogue of topics presented.

You are witless buffoon that has:

A. Serious intellectual deficiencies with reasoning and of course the obvious, reading comprehension.

B. Emotional issues so glaringly evident that you refuse to accept the mere notion of an honest retort as to WHY you are wrong in your uninformed viewpoint.

C. A mind like a very shallow ammo can if "Go fuck yourself" is always at the bottom.

I was considering asking you be banned from this site but then on further reflection I feel that would be a mistake. I would feel somehow responsible for you not having the opportunity to learn and find understanding as to the workings of what you pay taxes for. Weather you DO achieve some enlightenment is another debate entirely.

There are a lot of people that work for BART that have been giving time and energy to post or respond as to what is actually going on at BART. Many of these same people have the same complaints as you do about BART but, we have the inside knowledge as to WHY things are the way they are. But you hate on us.

We (in the Unions) aren't the people in charge of how things are happening there and that includes the upcoming strike. People are hating on us when we are asking for a fair contract. If you shout how we are as vital to the Bay Area as cops and firefighters but turn around and bitch at our level of compensation, it makes YOU a hypocrite when we make quite a bit less than any of them Bay Area wide.

I don't care where you stand on what's happening with BART as long as you know exactly how and why things are the way they are. Just don't be 'tarded about it.


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you have no clue, You ever notice that a BART Employee never sits down on those seats. There are horrible mites, Lice, fleas, and scabies infections. Train operators and the pubic are exposed to daily. We see that every night during end of commute. Management has cut end of line cleaners so thin that those seats will not be replaced or cleaned. The trains are gross and its there fault because they don't care about the public or there employees!