Bay Bridge closure service

Why isn't service being provided to ALL stations? That sucks!

The more stations open, the more O.T. that would be earned, which in a few weeks will only be used in negotiations against the employees working on the holiday weekend

MTC had a budget for the BART operation during this period. Keeping all stations open 24 hours during the closure was never in the plans.

So you're shitfaced in SF at 3am and expect a magic carpet ride to freaking Fremont???

According to the schedule that BART published ahead of the "extra overnight service" (not full peak service) offered during the bridge closure, if you caught the 3:09am train from Embarcadero, you should have been at Bayfair at 3:49am - 40 minutes. Should we really trust that it took 2 hours based on the fact that you admitted to drinking heavily - you could have missed the transfer at Macarthur, which would have explained it taking 2 hours. It was also quite clear from BART that there was no service to the hinterlands (ie, Fremont and Pittsburg-Bay Point), as the ridership wouldn't justify it. I would be perfectly happy if BART were able to offer hourly trains all night year-round to a limited number of stations. You just have to plan around it, but you still have a ride (most of the way) home. And a Clipper card would help with that pesky exact change problem.

What did you base your service expectations on? Rumor? Heresay? Your drunk buddy? They DID advertise it as limited 24-hour service!!! In the 3 or so times during the Bay Bridge construction that BART has offered 24-hour service, they have NEVER served all of the stations - it's always the same 14 major stations. If you had checked BART's website, or any major news outlet, you would have known what the service actually entailed.

I am not a BART employee, but a daily BART rider of 10+ years. And I rode a 1:09am train out of SF on Sunday night and it delivered me exactly where it said it would - not to my normal station, but the next one down the line. Since I knew I would be drinking and out late, I made my arrangements ahead of time, ie, left my bike at the station that would be served by the overnight trains.

I hate when people blame the system for their own oversights/ignorance. With BART, that's usually easy to do, but they did provide the service as advertised.

Not trying to hate on you, as we're all in the same boat as BART riders. My main point is that you can't just assume seamless public transportation service in the Bay Area, especially in the middle of the night. As you've pointed out, BART is far from perfect, so going into a situation assuming you're going to get great service at 3am is setting yourself up for a frustrating night. And when you have buses involved, you're always going to have the issue with "exact change". People get refused service every day on every bus company when they don't have exact change. That's why if you ride transit at all, you might as well get a Clipper card.
The reason there was no 24 hour service to Fremont is that there isn't enough ridership beyond Bayfair to justify the service, so if BART were privatized, you'd probably see even less service during a Bay Bridge closure or similar situation. They might not even provide service at all, as they'd lose so much money. Heck, if BART was privatized, you'd probably see under-performing stations closed permanently (South Hayward, North Concord, Castro Valley, SSF, etc.).
As far as calling me a douche for defending BART, check my posting history on BART Rage, I definitely give BART crap whenever they deserve it (more than not). And check the site's motto - it's not just about hating on BART, despite the name. My original response was less about defending BART, and more about your lack of personal accountability and pinning it on BART.