BART Union Workers Angry About Negotiations --- Sudden "Equiptment Malfunctions" Begin Occurring

Ever notice how whenever the unions get upset about how things are going at the negotiating table the BART system suddenly becomes plagued with unexplained equipment malfunctions and delays?

Ever since they started holding press conferences complaining about how negotiating is going there has been some kind of delay during the morning commute almost every day. Riders are getting sick and tired of being used as pawns for the unions.

The system went to hell after the last contract because all the people who knew what they were doing left because they are skilled workers who don't have to put up with BART Management's crap and that shitty contract they got last time. You people are totally mis-informed if you think BART workers are useless and any unskilled laborer and can do their job. Any unskilled laborer can do BART Management's job, not the workers who keep the system running. After all, who's responsibility is it to make sure BART has cars the that work, not the workers! It is stupid we have to do single tracking through the transbay tube because BART Management allowed the system to degrade so badly.

As I've said before whatever the workers have to give up, BART Management should also have to give up. Who is more valuable, Linton Johnson or the the techs who keep the tracks in good shape. I say the tech is the more valuable employee but now all we have are meaanderthals reading binders thanks to BART's wonderful management. Why on earth should Dorothy Duggert have gotten that pay out? Why on earth did BART hire useless (dis)Grace instead of promoting within?


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ever notice that with shop cutbacks and closing of jobs the maintenance level goes down? Oh FUCK YOU TOO DIckwad

Linton Johnson is still on the BART payroll. Check the online database. He is assigned to "special projects" and makes his same salary. Who knows what that means.

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I'm pretty sure it means they found a nice closet for him to sit in so he doesn't screw up any more BART PR.

maybe he's having secret meetings with Bartarded in that closet so they can both get with the picture.

I thought Lynton Johnson came out of the closet?
And hey...No fair outing BARTTARDED.
This isn't the place for that.

Linton should donate his salary then to BART because he isn't doing shit to earn it like the rest of BART Management. I can't believe they are stuck on three doors for new cars instead of figuring out ways to run more trains. Where did they get their mass transit education? Captain Kangaroo?