BART rage is overrun with union shills

Have you noticed that this website has now become overrun with BART union shills trying to intimidate or confuse actual riders who attempt to discuss their dissatisfaction with the BART system and it's greedy employees? When they get really upset, they resort to personal attacks on other posters, just like in grade school.

Why are BART unions members and their supporters acting like such raving a**holes? Do they think that belittling and bullying people is going to somehow win public opinion? Or are they just bullies by their nature (or training) who are afraid of losing the public cash cow that has supported their relatively extravagant lifestyles when compared to other working people in the same area with the same educational levels.

I like to think that it's because they understand that their back is to the wall and, like a wounded and cornered animal, they are lashing out at anyone and everyone, even the hands that feed them.

Here's to hoping that the union goes through with the next strike and that it breaks the back of this overfed parasite that has leeched off the public for too long.

Sign the petition to ban strikes by BART and other public transit employees in California!

I have actually noticed the opposite, usually the problems have started from fellow riders (this is BARTRage) especially look at people that have multiple accounts and those like bartarded. The union and proworker non union types are usually trying to clear up inaccuracies since the issues have history and are complicated and not just a simple raise. Any time you see anything (from either side) in the regular media, don't believe it, go looking for the facts (things republicans don't like).

Not really. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that people don't realize. For example, this morning's Chronicle article had a quote saying BART employees gave up no money during the last contract, when we gave up weeks of vacation time. BART counts this vacation time as salary when you look at the Mercury News--yet it doesn't count as salary when they're considering what constitutes a give back? They can't have it both ways.