Why the President Reagan Air Traffic Control Termination does not apply, the short answer.

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The air traffic controllers that went on strike were in a law restricted strike contract. Those that chose to strike broke the law. Reagan already had fully trained Military air controllers on the payroll and subsequently warned them and ultimately terminated and then replaced them for breaking the law.

Under the current law that was established in the early 60's, clarified which Unions could and could not strike. The unions working at BART fell into the could category since the language of the law existed before BART did. The Unions at BART currently have the legal right to strike. Terminating the Union employees at BART in an attempt to replace them is illegal and the blow-back would be catastrophic. I couldn't guess at what the monetary award the courts would have to calculate for 2,000+ people.

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Speaking of ridiculous;

I didn't mean striking during a contract, I was talking about the ability TO strike in general.

I'm pretty sure the ATU international union that represents the locals from the entire western half of the U.S. and up into Canada would have something to say about a member or entire local being fired and replaced for striking.

Amalgamated Transit Union Local # One thousand five hundred and fifty five is not just a random number. So yeah, BART can try the scenario many people are suggesting but, it could then escalate all the way up to a national strike in two countries. That is why this scenario of fire them all and replace them is so...Ridiculous.

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Nativesf415 How is any of your statement on topic?

"Bart could of course choose to impose a contract."
I wonder how far that would fly v/s how fast it would crash and burn.

"Also, when NYC MTA 's ATU kept raising the bar on wages, eventually MTA had to lay off workers from station agents to TOs and even managerial staff. Hence now, where in a huge station, there's only guaranteed to be one station agent and in smaller stations, stations can be unattended outside of commute hours. They wound up just placing call boxes that go directly to a central office."

The labor side of BART is about as thin as you can get without the PUC breathing down management's neck. BART has attempted unmanned stations, The State killed that plan for the sake of passenger safety.

"The wages for station agents and TOs are astronomical in comparison with the education level."

The wages and work rules for station agents and TOs have been negotiated and agreed upon by those very people that may or may not have the higher education level. The Airport is a giant debacle in transit planning that I already addressed in previous posts.

Side note: Education level has nothing to do with Intelligence, Education level is a prejudice that has come down from before the dark ages by the ruling class and religious leaders. It was to control the money flow and masses creating the class society we live in today ultimately leading to the the invention of....Unions!

"Paid break every 2 hours or it result in OT if that break is missed... Those are no longer protections but rather just cash cows."

Already addressed this as well when you started posting and commenting on the contract. Feel free to look it up again because I can't keep repeating myself every time you post. While your at it, please stay on topic so visitors to the site don't click to read about the Reagan topic and have to muddle through paid breaks and overtime etc. thanks.