So How is That Check Coming to Pay For Negotiator

OK so the big tough Mgt negotiation team bolstered itself with the $400K man who splits to Disneyland at hour of most need. Nice. I hope the 14th and 23rd floors enjoy signing that check for those wonderful services rendered. MGT got their ass kick in the negotiation process. The lost at every turn. Could not happen to a nice bunch...........really......take the last train to loserville. Time for clean the carpets on 14 and 23........

BART paid that douche $500,000.00, not $400,00.00 as first reported. Getting ready for ANOTHER splendid day on BART; ended up just driving yesterday; good decision on my part. Another major delay today. They've done so much work on those tracks between Walnut Creek and Rockridge, what the fuck is the problem. Hopefully, after yesterday's fire, BART will start paying more attention to the rest of the cars that have that burnt smell from the brakes (or at least that's what I think it is).

I think it was morbid the NTSB was doing that investigation out on the tracks yesterday.

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They are still holding incident train and trackway closed till investigation done.

That track is not closed. My train used it yesterday evening and this morning.

I forgot to mention that I'm glad BART Management got their ass kicked in the negotiations. They deserved it for hiring that negotiator Tom Hock (sp?) in the first place when a Federal negotiator could be had for free. More BAD use of our dollars by BART Management. I love the "highest paid BART employee didn't work a single day in 2012" and, who was that, not a union employee, but none other than DUI Dorothy Duggert. Now we have an EVEN WORSE GM at BART who gets a $20,000 signing bonus. And, what did she do, she was a hard nose that got two people killed on the tracks that can never seem to get fixed. Good going Grace!

I'm was surprised those two workers crossed picket line anyway even though their union wasn't on strike. I road on BART into the City one day where Grace was standing fairly close to me (of course she wouldn't dare sit in a BART seat) and she was quoting the lamest BART history to passengers. She must have read it straight out of the meanderthal binder. Really, does she have ANY EXPERIENCE in mass transportation at all?

The Simple Work Order should have suspended after Strickland; OSHA may throw the book at BART on this because the vegetation is still overgrown, the communication is still poor and the working conditions are still not safe.

What can we do to get the Bart Management housecleaning process started at BART? I was so pissed off when I saw those proposed new cars with no fucking seats in them today after having to stand at midnight packed in like cattle last night on a five-car train at midnight.

Why won't BART do direct service to Richmond later than 7:00 p.m.? Or, fucking run longer trains at night between 11 and 12; they do the rest of the night. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SUCKS. BART NEEDS TO RUN MORE TRAINS AND QUIT WITH THE CATTLE CARS; TALK ABOUT ANOTHER SAFETY ISSUE, DO MORE PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE YOU PRICKS?

The Fire Department has maximum occupancy in establishments; wonder why there is no maximum occupancy in BART train cars? I think I'lL CONFire this question because I'm very concerned with how crowded the trains are. In 2008, we had trains every 15 minutes day and night!

GRACE HAS GOT TO GO! I CAN'T BELIEVE THE BART BOARD HIRED HER AND THEY SHOULD GO BECAUSE THEY DID. keep up with passenger demand BART! You pay your managers fucking $400,000 a year, earn it.