Bart Fares

It seems as if BART raises fares each year. Has it ever reduced fares before?

Fares go up every other year with inflation.

There is 100 million dollar surplus and they'll still raise fares.

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Makes sense too, really. It's not like they're suddenly charging a $5 surcharge on every trip. If they don't raise fares regularly, they just get behind in the inflation game and people scream more when it needs to be raised more in the future. Hm. Sounds familiar.

That is what they did in the 90s and before, and that is why they changed it. People understand inflation cost of living bump but not a big jump.

A raise in the fare for cost-of-living really means it is not going up at all .

If you are not getting cost-of-living raises it means you are falling farther behind.