Bedtime for The Book Ends

OK now that there appears to be a final contract settlement, can we get rid of the two circus clowns that f d up this whole process. Not only do these tons of fun ignore reading anything before signing, but the brought shit ass attitude to the process and destroyed any goodwill past or present. The worst two folks to be in charge of a transit system imaginable. Seriously Board members, look at the damage done publicly to the District over what.............. basically a cost of living increase which the employees where deserved of. And to fight for it and then thrown at them like table scraps to a dog on the floor. F Big Red and the Fat F on 14............Bed time for these two misfits

It is crazy to think about but, three people in management at Bart and the Board of Directors held thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of riders hostage for maybe (maybe not) a cost of living increase.

This is after the last contract where the workers gave up over $100 million that gave Bart basically hundred million dollars a year surplus that also put the employees down about 12% over that time . All because five years ago Bart thought that there was going to be a deficit and the employees helped.

The cold hard truth was at the employees really were not asking for that much, and the Board of Directors and management held the entire Bay Area hostage.

What was shocking was how much money management spent on negotiations hiring an out-of-town person for over 1/2 million relocating train cars to mare Island, killing two workers and so on just to end up in the same place they would've ended up anyways with their own on staff negotiating team . And I am not even going to go in to the subject of how many hundreds of millions of dollars those seven people cost the entire bay area region.

But alas the anger is not on the wealthy class that manipulate your tax dollars it was at the employees, the working class .

But 2013 is a new day , the wealthy management corporate investor class people control the world now and the working class better get used to it if not willing to fight back.

Pretty soon we are all going to be saying, "May I help you " or being contract labor, where you are technically not an employee .

I second that! I loved the article where BART Management blamed their overpaid strike negotiator for the oversight in the labor contract when he said he wasn't even there and the strike negotiator blamed BART management in another article. Yes, $500,000.00 for that loser and then the rest of the money BART Management wasted throughout the negotiation process and the complete disruption of service which still has not fully recouperated. I blamed the strike 100% on BART Management.

The money BART Management wasted on the negotiations, causing the strike in the first place, the horrible state of the system and cars overall now because they've done nothing but pocket the money instead of put into the cars and tracks, has really left a bad taste in mouth about BART and I no longer feel safe on BART either. I don't understand why BART feels justified delaying everybody with their dam track maintenance too. It is non-stop but yet there is problem after problem on the tracks after BART works on them. Pre-2008, there were never all the problems on the tracks we have now. You get what you pay for.

I'm really glad I wasn't on that train that got stuck in the Orinda tunnel. Imagine, it is pitch-black dark and you're stuck on an SRO train, your car filled with smoke, with no one doing shit for an hour, good job! Idiots.

I hope they get Ferry service out of Antioch going so East County residents can have another way to get to work besides that fucking e-BART too. What a joke. Even if it costs the same $12.00 it costs to take the Ferry from SF to Tiburon, I'm willing to pay it.

BART needs to promote to management from within. What they have now is no one that can actually do their job or so it seems in BART Management.