Bike cars

Perhaps dedicating one car per train for bikes and their riders would benefits everyone.

and one car for large luggage; passenger voluminous and large luggage is creating a MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD on BART, not to mention the the train cars that are no longer maintained by skilled professionals like they were pre-2008! you can't train these guys with a binder, when will BART get that. It takes a certain type of professional to work on those trains and get it right.

what are passengers getting for all the property taxes and fares again besides a miserable friggin commute plagued with delays and maintenance, smelly homeless who knock out half a car on a crowded train, and BART despite their wasted money on all those posters won't do crap about it, panhandlers, pukers, pissers and psychos, stolen cars, burglarized cars, stolen bikes, every fare evader has a no bail or some other arrestable offense going making it unsafe on BART to be with these people in the first place. BART is fast becoming not the best way to get to work any more. lots of people riding trains with weapons but i'm used to all of that. BART should learn from the Japanese. None of that goes on there. Cal-Train is even better set up for luggage and bikes than BART and so is the Ferry.

i only get the gentle version of the BART Police log and those guys are busy! They need to can 1/3 of BART management and move that money over to security. $43 million on that cross over is ridiculous, not to mention how long it has taken to complete.

BART is just a huge waste of money because of bad management and their wasteful money pit; it never ends; the financial and construction decisions are ridiculous and aren't being made by people qualified to do those jobs. Something needs to be done because it is like no one is managing BART now at all. BART just seems content to let the system go downhill. I have no confidence in BART Management WHATSOEVER, the Paul dude and definitely not the BART Board.

And, then, to lose 50% of my fucking commute benefit for putting up with this crap every day? I can have a better tax benefit if I drive. Good going Feds.


I like that idea. Any manager who supervises two, one, or no employees should be let go and those employees put under another manager. I'd even say that five employees should be the absolute minimum per manager.