Bart Alternatives

Does anyone know of any resources such as for finding carpools? BART is getting to be a bit expensive commuting to work each day. I'm not looking for entirely free rides and would be happy to give the driver a buck or two for gratitude. I'm looking for a way to get from WC to downtown Oakland to get to work.

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You say you can give a buck or two for gratitude? I'm curious what you'd pay for reality?

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You could try's ride share matching service, but I'll tell you right now, working around other people's work schedules to hitch a low cost ride won't be nearly as convenient as taking BART. You will likely have to leave 30-45 minutes earlier than you do now.

You could also Google for casual carpool options. That is generally free, but I don't know if there are any that go to Oakland, most people do it to get across the bridge faster.

You might want to look into Carma - smartphone app-based ride-sharing. App handles the cash and finds fellow riders/drivers.