homeless on BART

Why is it there are so many homeless people on the trains? this year I have actualy seen 2 homeless men masturbating on the trains. They do not even try to hide the fact that they are doing this, they do it right out in the open in there seats. Geez are there certain hours that its ok to do this on the trains? you would think so, I am not the only one who has seen this either.

It is a sad commentary on our society, that we collectively do not have enough places for the homeless to go for help, a warm place to stay, or a meal. Add to this the fact, that the ACLU has sued for the rights of homeless, to stay homeless, be dirty, and live on the streets. The sad fact of the matter is, as long as the person has a ticket, they can ride BART--nothing you can do about that.

If on the other hand, you see them masterbating, for the love of God, pick up the damm phone and call the TO or use you cell and call BART PD.

The next time you see a homeless person in a BART station, DO NOT GIVE them money!! The use the money for drugs and booze and to buy a 1.40 ticket and then ride the train all day.

I could really give a shit about these homeless druggie, alchoholic people. They made their own beds, they can go lie in the gutter and whack off and stay off of BART. They don't deserve a shelter and they usually don't appreciate it either.

You are totally right.

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It could be worse

In New York they ride the E line all night long as that is the only line that stays underground, same is true on Chicago's Red and Blue lines...

Charlie, you seem to know quite a bit about mass transit systems. Thanks for keeping us informed. I knew BART couldn't be this dysfunctional. Glad to hear it's in other transit systems, too. LOL

You're in Boston, right?

-M. Delgado

The official Bart Whacking-Off hours are between 2-3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Any other time is in violation and should be reported.

As long as you aren't in the handicapped seats.

Whats worse is that these homeless people sometimes come on board to panhandle on Bart as well. I've been awaken from my nap more than once by homeless people yelling for more cash and selling "Street Sheets" as they walk the entire length of the train spreading their assaulting odors. Is this even legal? I've also been on trains where they take up 4 seats entirely on a crowded morning commute with their "belongings" of trash bags...how unfair is that?

what exactly is Street Sheets? I always see homeless people selling copies of it all over SF. Who publishes it and who are writes its articles?

I bought it once just to see what it was. It was the equivalent to a junior high school newspaper in all ways except that it had more communist propaganda. I love the homeless people as much as anyone else, but for a dollar, I better get some hard hitting news.

BART has regulations against panhandling - as well as kids selling candy for school, etc.

OK, so BART has regulations against panhandling - as well as kids selling candy for school, etc and just who is suppose to enforce those regulations? OH, that's right BART Police, who you never see on a train, that's who! So, in effect, there is a regulation, but little or no enforcement!


BART Police are waiting for YOU to report it..

They are not pro-active, they wait till things are reported then respond.

BART used to have many more undercover teams, I don't think they have them any anymore.. Same with officers on the train..

Undercover was the best, most jumpers I see will turn around and go to the other side of the station or goto the next station to jump if they see an officer. Visible cops don't usually stop crime, they just moves it..

Where are they supposed to masturbate? Most of the restrooms are closed, and they don't have cushioned couches in them.
At least on BART, people avoid them enough so that they aren't interrupted, and the seat is cushioned.
Try that in a shelter. There, everyone wants to get involved.
The poor twits are just trying to get some pleasure out of life.
If you don't like to watch, then don't.

Unbelievable. Some liberal twit actually justifying homeless shitbags jerking off in public. It's ILLEGAL you stupid asshole--I hope you sit in a puddle of AIDS infected cum on your way home tonight.

And why is it illegal?

Who does it hurt?

It's called "indecent exposure." Weenie-waving will get you locked up ad a pervert, pedophile, or worse.
Tell your pals at the homeless shelter.

But why is it "indecent"?

It's a human body, given to us by God. Shureley that makes it holy?

what grosses me out is that "us" riders are sitting or smelling that stuff. I thought food stains were bad...holy smokes...please stop talking about what these homeless do!

What happens on BART, stays on BART. That includes the spent jizz and used condoms that you are sitting on.

so, you wouldn't mind if one of these homeless men began masturbating while in the presence of you and your child, would you?

you're just as sick (if not more) than the bums you're standing up for. if you don't see what's wrong with it, you've got problems.

me thinks you're just a troll, though.

My child would just point and laugh.
But my child has a healthy attitude about natural functions.

So they'd have a natural reaction when a crack crazed homeless person flings feces on them? Train you kids not to make eye contact with masterbating and/or poo tossing transients, or they may be the next target of opportunity.

When did "poo tossing" get equated to masturbation?
If you think they're the same thing, you're doing it worng.

I often suspect that when people want to "save the children", they want to save the children for themselves.
Most molesting of children is done by family members.

beat your meat,pound your puppy,slam the salami,choke your chicken

Hey does anybody have a link to this video? I want to masturbate to it.

Back in the 1980's Regan's regime was responsible for closing many mental institutions - without increasing homeless solutions - that resulted in a deluge of mentally unstable people hitting the streets.

Most individuals with psychological problems or chemical imbalances are dual diagnosis - that means they are drug and alcohol abusers too. These people often turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate their symptoms because they cannot get the proper care they need.

This is not to say that all homeless have mental problems. They are indigents, too, who, perhaps, did not have a stable family life, or were kicked our or forced to leave their homes at an early age.

Young children need stability, consistency and warm loving relationships to thrive. In the absence of this, they grow up in chaos and do not develop the skills they need to form meaningful relationships and function socially, let alone get a job. Abused children and those who are repeatedly exposed to violence are equally at risk. (Chemically speaking, the stress hormone, cortisol, impedes the brain's ability to function at a higher level, keeping brain function down in the lower, animal levels. In essence, this prevents learning and can interfere with reading, writing and logical thinking - mathematics, science, etc..) These children do not do well in school and grow up with a lack of confidence and the inability to trust others.

After spending years on the street, these people know no other life. Attempting to help them and socialize them is akin to taking you out of your home and forcing you to become homeless. It just doesn't make sense to them and they cannot cope. Our "quick-fix" society doesn't understand the length of time it takes to make small inroads with these people, let alone attempt to "cure" them. No one with mental disease is ever cured, it's the ability to cope with it that is important.

The next time you see a homeless person, don't turn away in disgust. Attempt to see the child this person once was and the lack of love and care that may have caused them to take this path. Many of them still think like children. And yes, they are probably just going to get another drink, or hit or whatever helps them self-medicate their illness - or maybe they're going to get some food; they need it at some point. Just remember, they did not have an ally growing up to help them become fully functioning adults.

hold on. you claim the responsibility lays with "Reagan's Regime."

who, or what group, brought forth the case to the court system, which caused Reagan to "free" these people in the first place.

... wait for it...



... wait for it...



ACLU. Had they not brought this case forward to the judicial branch in the first place....