Petition for Safer BART

Petition for Safer BART:

Note: Your support is needed for the success of this petition. You may or may not like everything in the petition. Please sign and share if you like most of it. Thank you.

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A petition for new rules and regulations is not the solution. All you need for the BPD to work correctly is to force management to allow them to do their job. The real problem besides the unsupportive management is the local judicial system fails to enforce the law.

Think about being a Police officer at B.A.R.T. and imagine having multiple contacts with the same few offenders and or mental cases over and over again. Writing multiple citations is useless if the judges don't enforce the law.

How would you feel with no support from management or the public you are trying to protect? They have been so restricted that they are little more than garbage men and women to handle and remove trash. I know quite a few of them and for the majority of them they are really good people and good at their jobs trying to help make the world a better place. Instead they are both restricted and ostracized to the point of just trying to keep the bullshit from getting out of hand internally as well as with the public.

If you would like to empower the BART Police please support the petition. Thank you.

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