Replace The Seats!

When will BART get a clue? You have to replace those run down filthy, soiled seats. I used to live in Wash DC and they have plastic seats with a cushion for your butt. Seats similar to bus seats.

My goodness, I'm not a germophobe (sp?) but good lord those seats are teeming with disease. You'd better have a good immunity system to ride BART.

Riders are basically to blame for these nasty seats. You people are so disgusting. To arbitrarily place your filthy shoes on the seats as a foot rest, just boggles my mind.

I ride BART because it is more convenient. Yes, the decibel levels are off the hook. That's why I use earplugs.

well said. Seats are infested with germs. It's sad that the seats aren't replaced with hard plastic ones like in Muni buses. Ya it's uncomfortable but at least it doesn't absorb like the fabric seats on BART. All you grease monkeys leave serious grease rings on the seat backs. lol

The homeless people that live on the bart trains need to use the bathroom. Guess where they go? Here's a hint, they don't bother to get up.

no kidding!

Caught the 10:58 out of Embarcadero Last night and road in the lead car. I don't think those seat covers have been changed since the system opened in 1970. Every single seat back, just gross. Some of the seat covers themselves had been replaced but the car just stunk from those gross seat covers. Then come two Afro-American individuals up to no good sitting outside the train operator's door. BART Police comes looks at them and walks right out the door. Ghee, why aren't they keeping them from having their lap sex? Probably wishes he was getting a BJ too.

Yeah, I was on that late train too where the seats themselves had been recovered but were still gross and the backs of those seats just so dirty you could hardly see that they were once blue (the seats covers from the old, old, old days).

the seats are just gross. i don't understand why BART won't do something about them. the cars smell so bad i can't stand it. it just isn't one car either; it is car after car on the same train. PLEASE.

If the seat covers were blue they were no more than a few years old, before that the seat covers were brown. Of, course, just because the seat cover is brown doesn't mean it's super old either, there is a supply of replacement seats that are used when cars are vandalized or too disgusting even for BART. ;-)

Car cleaners can change the seat cushions, if for example they are covered in fresh vomit or feces....but the seat backs have to be replaced in the shops by mechanics. I've seen trains put in service with brand new seat covers, but seat backs still wet with vomit.

You know....the more we talk about these things the less I want to ever sit down, and the more I want to change shoes and clothes before I go home!

Someone should do bacteria cultures all over BART, and publish the results. A little national media attention could do wonders.

I just try not to think about it too much.
I suggest everyone else try to do the same.

I can't vouch for this 100% because I heard it second or third hand....but this is what I was told by a BART Police Officer:

Remember the fall of 2001 during the Anthrax scare? BPS and other BART personnel got pretty familiar with just about every white or whitish powder you can imagine. The sugar from powdered donuts, drywall dust, smashed cookies, baby name it. But, there was one seat cushion that stumped everyone, so the fabric was carefully sliced off, packaged up, and sent off to a lab for evaluation. The result?

"There is so much bacteria on this seat cushion that we can't tell if there was an Anthrax attack!"

"Wow! Your employees must have great immune systems!"

I didn't see the lab report, I only heard a rumor....hearsay at best, but I HAVE seen blood, spit, urine, vomit, feces, pus, semen, and amniotic fluid on the trains. I've been infected with scabies from riding the trains. I've been bitten by fleas on the trains.

"Just not thinking about it" isn't a very practical response.

It is bad. One BART Police Officer ended up with hoof and mouth disease...WTF

This is my #1 pet peeve, the filthy seats and carpet. Where I get on I carefully survey seats for a realtively clean looking one, but virtually all the seatbacks are soiled and brown where people throw their heads back and rub their scalp oil, hair gel, micro-organisms into the fabric. The old brown upholstery did not show the dirt as well as the new blue cloth. When BART was conceived, the idea was to have quiet comfortable trains so carpet and upholstery were nice, but that was when people weren't the out and out filthy slobs they are now. My advice is never sit in the seats at the end of the cars where homeless sleep and ride all day, and never sit on the side seats by the doors where the lazy slackers put their feet up.

I remember when BART opened. Quiet and Clean. What happened. I definitely look at least 30 seconds before sitting these days and usually put a bath towel down between me and the entire seat now. Unbelieveable. Some of those trains are so loud, I can't even take with headphones on. Why don't they do something about that. I don't get the people that put their gross feet on the seats either. The end cars do seem to be the worst for some reason but when riding late at night I like to ride in the lead car because I have had some drugged out jerk-os bug me before and follow me whereever I move so I just sit close to the operator.

Yeah, I remember then too, gas was under a buck and you could walk down the street at night with out having to look to see who is behind you. Things change and the system is getting old. It's going to look ran down. Stop compairing today to the 70's!