People-- MEN Jacking off On BART! In FRONT OF ME!

OK, SO riding on BART on two different occasions men have jacked off in front of me. The first time was at 11:30am on my way to work, the train was empty and he sat directly in front of me in the four person seats. He then proceeded to lift his newspaper and show me his hard on underneath his suit pants... I was so disgusted.... The second occasion was at 9:00pm... I was on a large train that was pretty empty and a younger guy came and sat in the row across form. He full on pulled out his dick and started going at it... I didn’t fully notice what was going on; I had my ipod on and usually try to ignore gross guys.... I then saw he kept looking at me and then down and at me and then down out of the corner of my eye. I then glanced into the reflective windows and saw his Penis was out of his pants and he was jacking off full on!! I was so disgusted and a little scared. Then he moved into the row behind me and finished in a piece of paper. He got off at Balboa Park. Should I have reported him? Is there anything I can do? Besides carry pepper spray if it ever happens again. I feel Violated as a young woman.


You probably were wearing revealing clothes, and that provoked it. Most men are "visual"...and well, if they have a 'visual' they normally 'go for it'

I hence that you were supposed to be at work at 11:30am, and not on the bus still, which would only mean one thing: GET TO WORK ON TIME AND AVOID THESE TYPES OF SITUATIONS!

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You are disgusting. Can't see that this woman is clearly the victim here? It is perverts like you that need to be exterminated from society.

Several years ago, my ex-girlfriend was riding BART late at night, and was the vicitm of another one of these creeps. She was innocently reading a book when a man in a trench coat sat down across from her. The man took out his penis and started masturbating himself. She moved to the next car, but he followed her. Luckilly, someone called the police and they arrived at the next station and arrested the man (yes, yes, I know . . . we all hate BART police because they never respond on time . . . we've heard it all before). She decided to press charges and the man is now in jail (appearently being a sick pervert wasn't the only crime he had commited).

I don't know why there are so many sick disgusting people in this world, and it is mind boggling why so many decide to ride BART. This is a perfect example of why people like this should be removed from society.

why do they even sell trenchcoats anymore? they should be illegal. for one, they are ugly. additionally, most people wear them just for the purpose of flashing others or easy access to wacking off in public places. if you ask me, they should be considered "sexual predator paraphernalia," just like a bong is marajuana paraphernalia. i'm sure there is the occasional normal person that wears a trenchcoat, just like i'm sure there is that occasional time that someone smokes tobacco out of a bong...

Are you a Moron or was this suposed to be sarcasim. I work in SF and on a day like today 1 in 5 people I see walking around are in Trenchcoats.

What a coincedence: one in five people who ride BART are perverts

precisely. and i was walking around the city at lunch yesterday and the trenchcoat ratio was closer to 50:1 not 5:1. and most of the offenders were women. man wearing trenchcoat = perv.

It's pretty useless to do anything about past incidents, now. For the future, if you have a cell phone, move to another car and call the police or push the button on the intercom (again, from another car) and tell the train operator what is happening.

If you have to come here for advice like "call the police," you are doomed.

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If this happens again (and I pray that it never does!), you can take the following steps.

1) Look around you. If there are other people or another person in the car, try and catch their eye, and discreetly mouth "HELP" or "CALL 911" or the like. If no one else is in the car, but you have a cell phone, dial 1-877-679-7000 or 911. If calling the first number press 0 as soon as it connects. Tell the operator "I'm on X train, car XXXX. HELP ME." If possible, do it quietly.

2) Tell the individual to stop. If you're worried about the situation escalating, move to another car and hit the T/O call button (located at the ends of each car). When he or she comes on, give them the car number and tell them you've been sexually harassed.

3) BART police take these situations very seriously. If the crime is in progress, we place it as a very high priority (code 3).

4) Video cameras are in most BART cars. If necessary, the tapes can be pulled for evidence.

Also, if it is happening, and you feel comfortable doing so, go to another car where there are people, and LOUDLY say, "HELP. Someone please call the police. There is a man doing ____________."

Whether or not the woman wears revealing clothes, she is still the victim. ALSO, do **NOT** pepper spray him unless he makes any attempt to physically assault you. Indecent exposure does not qualify as "defending yourself." What could land him in jail can backfire, and end up with you being sued. Use caution and only use the pepper spray if he is trying to harm you.

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877-679-7000 BART Police number...program it into your cell phone--I have. I carry pepper spray and occasionally a "stun gun" taser type thing. The BART cops told me to take a class to get certified, but until then they said I would NOT get in trouble if I had to use it for a REAL incident. I think showing your dick constitutes a REAL incident, don't you? If someone shows me their's I will not hesistate to spray "it" with pepper spray...let's see how many people the S.O.B. shows it to after that.

Air taser? Yeah I have one too. Whats cool about it is that you take a class, register it, then you can carry it, doesn't even have to be concealed since it cannot kill.

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If you sprayed someone for showing you his penis, you would likely end up the defendant of a law suit. If he did not threaten your safety, (merely showing you is not threatening), you are liable. Technically, all he has done is committed a lewd act, while you have committed assault with a deadly weapon.

I'm not saying walking around with penises blaring is acceptable - it's not - but please let us handle it and not take matters into your own hands unless there is an immediate threat to your safety. Again, please let the police handle situations like that.

I am female and have been an officer for several years, but even before I was an officer I had the sense not to spray or taze someone who was not trying to harm me. The individual who posted about the raper/home/lawsuit was right on the money.

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just to clarify before someone jumps on it... pepper spray / taser is not a deadly weapon, but there is a specific law against using pepperspray when there is no immediate threat to your safety, and I would bet there is a similar one for the taser.

Yeah thats true. I wouldn't fire mines at someone just for the hell of it. They can put you as liable. I only use mines if someone physically attacks me.

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And you've been a police officer for how long, again? Remind me.

Who the hell said im a police officer.. its common sense.

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It's called sarcasm, and it's directed at TreoBART.

We all got that. Except that birdbrain, LOL.

hes just answering the damn question... just because you are a BART officer doesnt mean tha your special.. your just a normal civilian with a badge and firearm

This blog needs a damn quote button lol.

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It really does. I tried to or something but that screwed it all up, I have no idea how to use that!

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Yeah I got it, I just haven't had time to look up the section, and unlike some others on these boards, I like to think before I speak :-). No need to be rude guys, really, PPID911 has every right to question someone who has openly admitted they are not a cop on something they do every day.

I was basing my statement that pepper spray would not fall under ADW on PC 12403.7. After looking it up, I realize that the penalty section specifically says "tear gas" but is also in the same section that allows possession of pepper spray. It may be an incorrect assumption, but I think this section should apply. I don't know about tasers, but since they are also below deadly force on the use of force scale, I doubt that it is considered a deadly weapon.

Battery would be the easiest to apply, but the nice thing about PC 12403.7 is it is a felony wobbler, while using the battery section would likely only be a misdemeanor.

Of course I have much more I could say on the subject, but I think I've been enough of a smartass already for one post, especially since most people would rather say "fuck the po-lice" than actually think about what the law really says.

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Regardless of who's right or wrong, I admire that you are able to use references to prove your point, and not just say "fuck tha po-lice."

Your sources are correct (I've verified them) and you make a good point. Actually tasers as deadly weapons is open to debate. Some are pushing for them to be officially classified as such, while some insist they are nonlethal force. Remember several of those highly publicized cases where people have died after being tased? Odd, though, because part of the prerequisite for carrying one is to be shocked with one. True story.

I guess it's up to our descretion (I myself have never been faced with this before?) But I think Lisa Norwak had a taser in her astronaut-murder sack.

Just curious how many people have died?

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From tasers? Since June 2001, about 150 deaths have been directly attributed to them.

It's also all about where one is shocked. If one is shocked, for example, in their hand,the risk would likely be far less than if one was shocked in the neck. All part of the training.

i agree that passengers should not take the law into their own hands and spray or tase a flasher but i wonder how many juries are going to side with a flasher? or prosecutors that will prosecute a woman who defends herself? i tell my wife to wait until the train gets into the station and almost to a stop, spray the bastard right in the eyes then get off quickly. he can call the police if he wants to. to the woman who posted the original comment: if you have to wonder what to do in the situation you were in with the flashers you are in big trouble.

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believe me, i am with you on this. however, if someone did nothing more than flash you, you have no right to taze/spray them. you may be disgusted by a flasher/masturbator, but they are not threatening anyone's life by showing their genitalia. if they have an even remotely competent lawyer, i am guessing they would prevail in suing you.

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BTO, I agree with you that the woman would be in trouble if she wonders what to do... but the fact still remains (and boopiejones and I have stated previously) that unless there is an imminent danger to her personal safety she can't sue but rather be sued.

What kind of juries would side with a flasher/chronic BART masturbator? The same ones that will award a robber millions of dollars when he breaks into your house, gets a gash on his hand from breaking the window, and gets PTSD when you point a gun at him as he rapes your wife.

I'm NOT advocating public nudity or lewd acts, as those are crimes. They can be prosecuted for those by us, the POLICE. Not by riders. Do the right thing and call us.

1-877-679-7000 or 911.

i'd love to see a lawyer walk into court with a flasher/jerk off, who might even have priors, trying to sue a woman for spraying mace in his perverted face. first of all how would the woman be found? the video, if they are in a video enabled car, would have to be pulled within a certain period of time before it loops. mace away!

you are gonna get your ass sued. and i hope you do bart train operator. thats why all you do is sit around and open and close doors all day. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

You think so? Do a google search for the Stella awards and read about what juries have awarded people for stupid/bad behavior. Stella was the woman who won a judgment against McDonalds after she placed a cup of hot coffee between her fat legs and drove off and the coffee spilled burning her rancid flesh.

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... or something like that.

But seriously barttrainoperator, please keep your mouth closed if you have nothing thoughtful to contribute.

I have been in law enforcement for several years, and I obtained a degree in criminal justice. How long have you been working in this field?

I have been in law enforcement for several years, and I obtained a degree in criminal justice. How long have you been working in this field?

Aren't you the same person who posted this comment?

"If someone asks you to move your things and you refuse, and that person takes at as a racial, gender-based, or other protected group insult, be prepared for a lawsuit. And yes, there are laws saying that you can´t restrict where a person sits.

Anyone remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Next time, think before you speak."

If this is representative of your knowledge, you're probably the last person who should be chastising other commentors about their contributions.

Tamar, shut the fuck up. why would a lesbian be interested in a discussion about blow jobs, anyway?

Here are the facts about the MacDonald's lawsuit. The woman did have the coffee in her lap. When it spilled, it gave her 3d degree burns and she was hospitalized for it for some time. When she initially contacted MacDonald's, all she wanted was her medical bills covered and MacDonald's refused to pay. During the lawsuit, it came out that there had been a long history of complaints and injuries due to MacDonald's scalding coffee. When the jury heard that evidence, they say that is what led them to give the woman far more money that she had claimed in her lawsuit. Anybody who sells coffee that can give you a 3d degree burn should be sued, especially if they KNOW other customers have been injured.

How does this refer to BART??

Are YOU accusing BART of ignoring/covering up?

Oh so frequently BART Police issue citations or make arrests on crimes that District Attorneys refuse to prosecute (Are you listening San Francisco??)

Whose fault is that????????

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"Anybody who sells coffee that can give you a 3d degree burn should be sued, especially if they KNOW other customers have been injured."

wrong, wrong, wrong. hot coffee is supposed to be just that - HOT. if they served it luke warm, people would be complianing that it wasn't hot enough.

there are so many products that can injure/kill you if used improperly: 1) you could choke on a large wad of toilet paper 2) you could cut off your hand with a chainsaw 3) you could blind yourself if you spray 409 into your eyes, etc.

the moral of the story that 1) toilet paper was not intended to be eaten 2) keep your extremities away from a working chainsaw 3) don't wash your face with 409 and 4) DON"T POUR COFFEE ON YOUR LAP!!!

i am sure chainsaw makers are aware of people that have cut off body parts using their products, but that doesn't mean they recall the chains and replace them with a rubber belt with plastic teeth - people would complain.

.. or something like that.

But seriously barttrainoperator, please keep your mouth closed if you have nothing thoughtful to contribute.

I have been in law enforcement for several years, and I obtained a degree in criminal justice. How long have you been working in this field?

no i won't keep my mouth shut. who are you to tell me to shut up? i'm not in law enforcement and never said i was. i have a degree too, and not from a community college am i better than you now? my comment was about my wife and what i've advised her to do. what should she do cover her eyes and hope you show up? i've been assaulted in a train station before and no i didn't wait around for the "out of position" police to show up.

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what is the difference between a flasher and that naked guy that used to roam around Cal a few years back? unless the flasher starts humping your wife's leg or verbally threatening her that he is going to do something, she has no right to spray him. you can't spray the naked guy from Cal as he walks across the street on his way to class, and you can't spray a flasher either. based on your logic, why not spray a nursing mother if you see nipple? i have seen the comments posted here about nursing moms, and it seems people are more offended by them than flashers. try spraying a nursing mom or a flasher and see what happens.

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The difference between the naked student and the flasher is the flasher does it for sexual gratification and the naked student does not. There is a legal difference between the two.

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but how do you prove it either way? can't someone claim the naked cal student "must" feel some form of sexual gratification? otherwise, why wouldn't he wear some clothes? on the flip side, can you prove a flasher is sexually gratified by his/her actions if they only flash and don't say "yeah baby, come to daddy?"

if the flasher does nothing other than flash, i think you'd get arrested for spraying him/her. i am no ploice officer, but i'd guess that is how the law reads.

This happened to me as well, just two days ago. It was around 7:30pm on the Richmond line in Oakland. I was reading in a nearly empty car, and the guy was sitting in another area. He got up, wandered around for a bit, then sat in the seat right next to me and casually started touching my leg. When I moved out of easy reach he unzipped his pants and started masturbating. I was disgusted and switched cars at the next stop (12th Street) -- he made no move to follow, thankfully. But while he did not attempt to harm me or physically restrain me from getting up, the fact that he sat in the aisle seat meant that I had to cross over him to get out. Since he DID NOT try anything further I decided not to hold up the train by reporting him.

I was not dressed provocatively in any way. I was wearing a sweater over a t-shirt and jeans. It's sad that some people feel that women deserve to be used as objects for the sexual gratification of strangers due to the way they dress, but in this case, I had done nothing to encourage it.