Fee Increases Effective January 1, 2006

SF Gate December 22, 2005

Bay Area Rapid Transit fares will increase by 3.7 percent on Jan. 1, according to BART officials.

In addition to the fare hike, BART has tacked on a 10-cent surcharge to ticket prices for trips made within Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties, including Daly City.

On top of that, SamTrans will add a 10-cent surcharge to rides that begin and end in San Mateo County and for trips between the five San Francisco International Airport extension stations and San Francisco BART stations. The five SFO extension stations are in Colma, South San Francisco, San Bruno, SFO and Millbrae.

According to a Tuesday news release, the new minimum BART fare will increase from $1.25 to $1.40.

This is the first BART fare hike in two years, but BART spokesman Jim Allison said the new increase has been in the works for quite a while. The nine-member BART board of directors approved tying fare increases to the Consumer Price Index on May 22, 2003, Allison said.

The increases are expected to generate $4.3 to $4.4 million between January and July 2006, when this fiscal year ends, Allison said.

The revenue generated by the fare increases will go into BART's general fund to finance capital and operating expenses, which have gone up in the past year, Allison said. BART employees won't receive any raises as a result of the increased revenue. Employee salary increases were last implemented in July 2004, Allison said.

BART's budget for the 2005-06 fiscal year is $500.4 million.

BART employees will not receive a raise. It's been frozen for two years. As a matter of fact their medical insurance premium will triple effective January 2006. Management will grant a 2% raise for the employees the first of July. Base pay for train operators and station agents, barely over $5,000 a month, before taxes.

$60,000 a year for being a Station Agent? And that's only STARTING pay? $60k for sitting in a box and being surly and unhelpful all day? You don't even need experience for that job! They get paid way too much. A lot of college graduates in this area only get about $40,000 starting pay after they graduate. And any high school drop out can get a job with BART. After all, it is a government job.

That is just ridiculous. They don't need a pay raise.

Couple of things. Starting salary for Agents is not 60K. You start out as a part-timer and make nowhere near that. Second, you'd be surprised how many Agents have college degrees. And thirdly, it's not a government job. Get your facts straight.

it's not government job? then why is the site bart.gov? from what I understand that domain is only handed out to Government entities.

It is a government job. BART is a government agency (hello, bart.GOV), and they are largely funded by government/taxpayer dollars.

And of course you aren't going to make $60k working part-time. But, they still make extremely good pay.

Here's just one example from the BART website:

Part time survey taker. All you need is a high school diploma. Easy job. Pays $26.61/hour. That's still almost $30k/year for working 20 hours a week! It would be almost $60k if it were part time. And that's just the starting pay.

If getting a job at BART is so easy and it's such an easy job and BART overpays it's undereducated employees then why are all you candy ass bitches complaining about the people that work there?

Go to the greatest job in the bay area and experience first hand how fantastic it truly is and, with the terrific benefits package you'll be the talk of the town!

Don't forget those snappy uniforms that the public overpays for! You're sure to be a hit anywhere you go after you graduate from customer dis-service training taught by the French Transit Athuority Yes in no time at all you'll be sporting the BA on your uniform (stands fot bad attitude of course) and making the big bucks doing nothing!

Apply now and see for yourself how beautiful people treat you. No really, it's just that easy!

See you soon! Us BART employees.

Actually, you're wrong about how any HS dropout can get a job at BART. BART actually prefers that applicants have a degree, or that they at least have some sort higher level education. Having a degree means you're educated, motivated, and most importantly, easily trainable. BART has too much to lose by hiring uneducated, and unintelligent individuals.

Instead of wasting energy by being a BART hater, you could re-direct and use that energy constructively and apply for a job at BART.

Come and get a peice of the pie instead of complaining..............

that's what I say. If it is a great place to work for, then everyone should work towards getting a job at BART instead of bitching about it. I'm lucky because I love my job.

can someone clear this up for me. Is BART a government job or not?

Yup just like cops, firefighters, Sewage treatment, Cal trans, School employees, Sherrif deputies, Judges, Bridge employees, Teachers, The VA, Park rangers, Army, Navy, Air force, Marine, Air Marshalls, ATF, Librarians and many others