AC Transit Bus Driver Who Pees at BART. His Real Name is..

I only know his first name but I can't say it for fear of retribution or lawsuit. I can only describe him because I ride his bus everyday. He's a large older (probably mid-late 50's) black man, fat, salt and pepa hair, always scowls and rude even to everyday riders. I just flash my pass and run past him even though all he does is scowl at me. The other day some kids were fooling around in the back of the bus and he yelled profanity at them. THen when the kids would not stop fooling around, he suddenly slammed the brakes sending everyone flying forward. Then he grunted and stomped to the back of the bus and told the kids to get off the bus. They did. But he didn't say sorry or anything to any of the other passengers, some which were injured. One lady hit here head on the seat handle and I'm pretty sure she was bleeding. Another guy was face flat on the floor but not hurt too bad.

It doesn't surprise me that he pissed at BART. As I mentioned, he's a really big dude (well over 300 lbs) and carries a large beverage bottle with him.

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He can't sue you... All you are doing is naming him.

How do you know this is him?

Hayward BART has a working bathroom. What is this dude's problem?

Not the guy I saw. The driver I made reference to was not a black guy.

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I hate when shit like that happens. Everyone wants to be involved in some way... even if its just throwing gasoline on the fire (I KNOW WHO IT IS! kind of things)... If you don't know who it is, don't act like you do. Plain and simple.

Has AC contacted you back?

So right you are.
The only thing close is the gender.

AC contact me yet?
Nope, not yet.
I filed the the report on the AC website, so we'll see how long it takes.

More trollish BS. I'm glad the operator kicked the brats off the bus. I wish more brats would be kicked off the bus so the rest of us could take AC instead of driving. I bet the person who started this topic was one of the brats kicked off the bus. If AC caused someone to injure themselves including bleeding from the head it's going to result in a call to paramedics and the operator put on administrative leave.

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Don't be so quick to trash AC.

Just out of curiosity... Who on here takes AC to the station? And if you don't... Why don't you?

(I, for one, do NOT take to work in the morning because it doesn't run early... but do try and take AC if plausible when I'm off duty.)


My name is Michael Stein, and I am with AC Transit. I just recieved your contact to us concerning the actions taken by our employee that you witnessed on 7-11-07 at Hayward Bart. First, let me say that the behavior you observed is not something that we condone. We take a very dim view of this , and when appropriate, take disciplinary action. For me to be able to take this action, I would need to know that you would be willing to come to our Hayward Division to testify at an internal hearing, at a date undetermined at this time. I know that you view this as seriously as I do and am hoping that you are able to help us. Please contact me at your earliest convenience either via email or phone.

Michael Stein
Asst. Superintendent
Hayward Division

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sounds to me like they are really suspicious already and just need some people to come forward and confirm those suspicions so they can give the guy the boot.

ACT'S buses have surveillance cameras, do they not? (i've ridden only a handful of times, but even then cannot recall.) i'm sure the higher-ups can just pull the tape (and audio, if the bus in question is so equipped), though it would probably help if you testified.