Where is everyone?!?!

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Where are you guys?

We usually average like, I'm guessin, around 20+ posts per day.

People haven't been on here in a minute. Wondering where our regulars are?

I'm guilty myself, I was gone for a few days (anyone miss me? LOL) but wow, it's dead here.

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Johnny Five is alive!!
Johnny Five is alive!!
Johnny Five is alive!!

I've also noticed a "slow down" of activity here.
It seems to have coincided with the "MUST LOG-IN" requirement.

I didn't mind the ANON posters. I guess some did.

Not me though

'cause i'm a cool guy

I'm here. Yes its been very quiet


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I'm here, just waiting for something interesting.

-Hockey Player

Traffic has actually increased. It's because of registered users only. Just because they don't register doesn't mean they aren't reading your posts/comments :)

On a positive side, it has cut down alot on the bs and we've had over 40 new registered users since. Last count, we have over 450 registered users which doesn't mean they are all active either.

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Why wait for something interesting?

Use the "create content" feature and make something interesting :)

Admin, I'm not surprised that we've had so many more registered users. It really has cut down on the trolls and BS as you've mentioned.

As a side note, John, it shows you logged in 3 times?

There are currently 5 users and 1 guest online.
Online users

* PPID911
* BartCynic
* admin
* admin
* admin

What's up with that?

hehe, I'm logged in 3 times? I'm only on 1 session, sounds like a caching/refresh issue. I'll look into it when I get a chance.

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and i'm here too. i agree with jbap that the lack of anonymity has probably made people less confrontational. not like "boopiejones" gives away my identity any more than posting anonymously, but people might hold a grudge against boopiejones, and that would make the man behind the boopie sad.

I had a feeling that your name wasn't really boopie.

ah, the secret is out

I really never have much to say, so I don't post much


Perhaps: Registered users are not as prone to flaming...

Anyway, I think a lot of people are on vacation.

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I've been a long long time lurker, but now I gotta register to participate? I guess this means any flaming that's done now will be at least funny or clever.

(also hopes that this is the end of the lame site spamming problems)

On vacation ...lol. there is only so much "work" related stuff I can take before I feel like I should just go and BAP in;)

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-yawns- Yeah im here from time to time.

what happende.?