Best Pictures on Bart

What would be cool is if people start taking pictures of anything they find disgusting, annoying, rude, etc..etc.. on the BART then post them on the Internet or here.

BART is a public place so no privacy issues.

I think it would be funny, and maybe someone from BART could show them to their supervisors to show how bad things can be. Maybe even put a stop to some of the things, or individuals, people rant and rave about on here.

I need a cellphone with a camera.

It might be funny as hell but be careful about taking pictures of people. There are California laws about taking pictures of people without their permission. That being said taking pictures of BART's nasty bathrooms...well actually that's not funny just gross.

Hey, that sounds like it could be funny.
Is there such a law? I thought that if you are in a public place
with no expectation of privacy (bus, park, mall, store) you were free
game to camreras, but if you were in a place you expected privacy (bathroom, dressing room, personal car) then there was an issue.

Who knows? Still, it would be funny to see some of the pictures people could get.

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Do you really think us BART employees don't know how disgusting people are in the system? If you want a real challenge try finding positive/funny things to take a picture of.

if you know,why dont you clean it up?
those trains should have cleaning crews go through them at night.
they dont even look lke they are cleaned monthly!!!!

DUDE, don't say that! You'll give them bad ideas.
God forbid they do that! Then they will ask for more money and decide to go on strike because it is beneath then to keep their trains clean.

Dear Einstien and Einstien,

BART has cleaning crews that do go through the trains at night. Every train is cleaned at night, and every train that goes out in the morning goes out clean. BART even has crews that go through the trains during the course of the day to pick up garbage and newspapers.

It's just that passengers with no home training, trash the trains faster than they can be cleaned. A train that comes out of the yard clean is usually trashed within an hour, or by the time it gets to the end of the line. During commute, that's an absolute certainty.

So when you two innovators come up with a idea that isn't being implemented already, and you come up with something REALLY creative, useful, and helpful, let us know. Thanks!

What a load of crap. If there is a crew cleaning the trains every night, they need to be fired. A train does not get trashed in an hour. 99.9% of all passengers leave the train exactly the way they boarded it (a filthy fucking mess). It takes years of neglect to get trains that dirty.

Considering that you don't work for BART, and really don't know what you're talking about, what you think is irrelevant.

I walk through trains, and see the mess DAILY. I work at night so I SEE the cleaners doing their jobs NIGHTLY cleaning trains. I've taken a clean train out in the morning countless of times, only to walk through it at the end of the line and see it trashed. The difference between you and I is that I walk through every car. I ALWAYS see the end result. I just don't get on, sit down, get up and walk out when the train gets to my stop.

Can you say the same? If not, sit down and shut up, and thank you for riding BART.

You don't have to "work" for bart to notice how filthy the trains (and stations) are kept. You can't convince me that the trains are cleaned in any meaningful kind of way. Picking up the discarded newspapers does not a clean train make. I ride the train every day and don't do a full inspection but it looks like I'm still spending more time on the train than the "cleaners" (and probably doing the same amount of cleaning).

I'm afraid I will have to decline your offer to sit down and shut up because I'm scared to death of catching some sort of virus from sitting on your disease-ridden seats. What I will do is stand up and try not to touch anything.

If your so jaded about the cleanliness of BART, why take the train. No one is forcing your hand or telling you to take the train. Better yet, take your own car (which I bet isn't that clean). I bet you prefer to sit in traffic than ride on a not so clean train. Thanks for NOT riding BART.

$10 says you are a bart employee. This is totally their attitude--"you don't like dirty trains, don't ride"

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I always thought BART cleaned the trains at night, however, by the time I get on at 6:30 or 7:00, it DOES look as though little has been done. I have to admit though, I've never, that's NEVER seen people picking up trash while riding. Do they do it at the end of the line before a return trip or something?
Happy Riding!

Because cleaning trains is not his job.

Hell, they don't ask you to wash the lettuce at McDonalds do they? No. Your job is to make sure the fries don't burn up.

See what I'm getting at here?


hahahahaha! cleaned every night? hahahahaaa!!!
i guess he pile of dust bunnies under the seats got put there by the dust fairy.

please, lie to your friends, not to us.

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First of all Op 9 is right, but before you complain about filthy cars/stations remember this. Management has purposefully layed off many service staff, they love doing this at contract time to scare the other employees and cry about "Cost of Labor" and the ones that remain are having to pick up the slack.

Example; I knew a lone "Janitor"(a.k.a. System service person) was assigned to keep three stations clean.

Next time look around in a station because this 1 person was to clean anything stainless steel...Clean any open bathrooms and stock it full of supplies (towels soap toilet paper)..Check the elevator fill out the check elevator log (often used as another bathroom)... Sweep and mop the paid areas (inside the gates).. sweep and mop all the stairs..sweep and mop the platforms...empty every trashcan in the station out to the never nearby dumpster...They are to give priority to dirty needles,Blood,Vomit,Bloody tampons,Urine,Sperm,Dirty diapers,and yes actual human shit.

After all this the System service worker was to move to the next station of the three and repeat. Are you starting to get the idea yet?

I could now describe a typical night time car cleaner's work but suffice to say I can tell you one thing for certain. I never met one that was overweight unless they were "the new guy" but they didn't stay that way for long.

Don't belive me? BART is hiring right now for these jobs see what's really going on instead of bitching about dust bunnies and how crappy the maid service is.

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I forgot to mention "BART moves more people in one day than all of the domestic airlines put together."

Where can I read/find that fact?

I last heard there was like 2 million people flying in the U.S. daily.
So if BART moces more than that, then what the hell are they doing running
a short ass train instead of a long one during rush hour?

Sounds like you agree that Bart is not doing enough to clean the trains?

That is just horrible. I've seen trains that haven't been cleaned in the early a.m., usually towards the end of the week but I wouldn't wish the above on any janitor which brings me to the next question, why isn't BART Management doing something about these gross individuals? If someone is caught abusing the train or breaking any law in the BART system, that person should be fined and kicked out of the system PERIOD. I think not being able to ride BART period would be much more effective than any fine imposed. I was down at the platform and somebody barfed all over the place about a week ago and I couldn't believe somebody would just sit to it; made me absolutely sick. I really felt for the poor BART janitor that would have to clean that up. Some people are gross and those gross people should not be allowed in the BART system period.

Just goes to show you that some of the people riding BART are just PIGS! Granted most are law abiding citizens, it only takes a few idiots to ruin it for the rest of us.

So whats the deal, admin? Are we gonna be able to post pics of the filthy trains?
Not pics of people, pics of the filthy ground in grime,piles of dust,dirty walls,dirty windows,etc. etc....
Proof that these trains ARE NOT cleaned nightly,daily,weekly,monthly.

I don't think that the admin comes on this site very often.

sup, unfortunately putting pictures up will cause more problems than it's worth. I've already dealt with BART's legal dept. I've had a few complaints submitted to me about certain posts and that is keeping us busy. Perhaps in the future we may activate photos. As of now, the only photos allowed are in your profile if you registered.

Well, if someone started a PHOTO BUCKET or similar account and just leave the link to it, then there will be no problem. You are using a 3rd party server that was designed for people to upload and share photos.

What posts is BART's legal department objecting to on this site? Pretty much everything I read seems to be fairly accurate coming from someone who rides around six times a week from Pittsburg to the City.

I would be interested to know,as well!


We had a logo that resembled very close to theirs. We were ordered to remove or face legal action. Also, lots of employees of Bart are posting here using employee names. And so on...bringing in the ability to upload photos will be allowed once we research a proper disclaimer.

first, find a free place like flikr or yahoo photos to put pics up.

second, I know peeps on this site are quick to hack on someones job, but the public would probably be surprised at how often the restrooms are cleaned. This is of course after they eliminated many of the cleaners positions.

oh and most BART employees would not use the public drug dens, I mean restrooms.
Elevators would fall under the same topic.

Yeah, BART doesn't allow dogs except the seeing eye kind and these HUMAN PIGS are much dirtier so why can't they be kicked off the trains?

because if they have a valid ticket, they have rights.

welcome to liberal California. esp. SF & Berkeley

Took them over a month to pick up the used syringe at my BART station after sending in an email saying where it was because I found it so gross to look at every morning getting out of my car.

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The parking lot is Grounds keeping's area, most likely your complaint was forwarded to them and it takes a while for the memos to become action. That said I would probably have called BPD and reported it to them.

Aside from that, I commend you for being proactive about your transit train station instead of being one of the hundreds who just kept walking by never even thinking about it. We desperately need more people like you.


um, to the person who posted the above post-- since the trains
*should* be cleaned every night, and aparently aren't, according
to you, it sounds like you would like to volunteer your free time
to doing this.

no? how about contacting your bart board representative to complain;
or fill out complaint cards daily (any station agent will gladly give
you one).

woulda, shoulda, coulda. please do something about it, people, not sit
and bitch about it

Hello, these people are raging about Bart. Really, dude? Join some fraternity club or something?