Sit all the way back in your seat please!!

rafa1215's picture

This bugs the hell out of me. No, it doesn't matter what race you are or whatever. I've seen Mexican, Black, White, etc.. do this. When you sit on a chair on the Bart train - for the love of God - have the base of your spine touch the base/back rest of the chair please. No Frickin Slouching!! I snapped this pic as a the guy was getting up. You could tell he was irritated that his knees were touching my seat mates knees. No, my seat mate did not have any spinal cord injuries because I just saw him dancing while waiting for the train doors to open and let him in. The guy who got up was sitting across from my seat mates chair first.

image_00589.jpg74.33 KB
boopiejones's picture

i don't see the slouching in the pic, but i definitely know what you mean. i hate having to dodge someone's knees because they like slouching.

on a similar note, i spent an entire bart ride last night dodging my morbidly obese seatmate's ass. the thing that pissed me off most was that when she wanted to get off the train, she "rolled over" and there was actually room between us at that point. it was like she was purposely encroaching into my seat when she didn't have to. biach!

Hold on a minute.
Have you ever noticed how nasty BART seats are? While I don't block ailses or anything, if I am going to seat, which I rarely do, I do not let my body touch anymore of the seat than I have to. And if you do, you are crazy. I bet if they did a study on those cloth seats that they would find things they could not identify. Seman, lice, poop, pee, blood they are all on those nasty cloth seats just waiting for you to sit down so the little bugs can attach to your clothes and you can bring them home to your kids and family....
Personally they need to switch to plastic seats so they can hose down the cars at night!

rafa will not be happy till he gets his own private commuter car, and I hope he does since that will make it possible for me to get my own also...

rafa1215's picture

Cool. My car would have orange crate posters mostly everywhere and monitors showing local news with sound and video.

Your photos are usually awesome. However, this one does not meet the high standards we have come to expect from you.

On the other hand, I never upload pictures, so a bad photo from you beats a bunch of ASCII from me. :)

Shrapnel's picture

I hate to do this to ya rafa... But I agree with BARTEmp. What's up with this pic?

Is that a hefty female I see in the background?

Shrapnel's picture

Wow, I see her too, jbap.

Rafa... that fat chick is gonna kill you one day.

rafa1215's picture

Ill I had a big boned women in her 20's staring at me yesterday. I was like - yuck!!
She wasn't ugly - she had a pretty face - probably a nice personality too.
She was looking at me the way George Foreman looks at a plate of hamburgers. I had to bust out the old (scratch the face and show her my wedding ring) routine. Too bad - I hope she finds true love one day. Yes, men know - well at least I know - when some women are hungry for love :)

Vincent's picture

Big girls need love too.

For the sake of clarification, I am neither big nor girl.

They do, but by eating a large amount of unhealthy food and/or not excercising they create a look that is undesireable..

You are what you eat... If you have more rolls than the local bakery, stay away from the bakery..

boopiejones's picture

today i got on my usual train and the only seat remaining is next to this VERY large dude. at least 450lbs. i sit next to him and he makes an effort to give me some space. even with this effort, he is still encroaching into my seat, but there was enough room for me to squeeze in, so whatever. at least i have a seat.

the problem is that he is apparently very sleepy. he falls asleep and his entire body becomes relaxed. very relaxed. his left arm is completely covering my right arm and his leg is pushing mine further and further to the left. didn't help that he had a big-ass backpack between his legs. about every three or four minutes he'd wake up and re-adjust his leg and arm so that he wasn't touching me. then he'd doze off and the process would start all over. uggh.

on masters thing about eating too many rolls, i found a calculator online that tells you how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight, assuming you stay in bed all day. just for fun, i plugged in this guy (or at least my best guess of his info). he'd need to eat almost 4,000 calories a day just to maintain his current weight, even if he never left his bed all day. gross.

I had a woman that was honestly upset at me on an airline.. I had said nothing to her, but before we took off I had a clipboard i use for paper.. I slid it so it went down between the handrail and between the seats.. I did this because when she moved she would be half on my seat. She then said I was cramping her, I politely told her, I was not cramping anyone, but the clipboard was there due to the fact she was attempting to take some of the seat I had paid for..

She thought because I was slender and was not cramped she should be able to use my unused portion of my seat...

At this point she kinda pissed me off, and I told her if she needed 2 seats, she could have paid for them.. And actually there were airlines that would do that for her if she needed two seats. And how rude it is to take up more than her fair share of the seat.. Not to mention my clipboard took up NONE of her seat.

I'm done venting.. (was not a pleasant flight)

Moral of the story, stick a folder or clipboard between the seats, it will keep your seat, yours...

boopiejones's picture

i like that idea. but i would have needed a gallon of crisco and the jaws of life just to get enough of an angle to stick a clipboard in the seat crack this morning.

and the nerve of your seatmate to say something to you about the clipboard. if you are too big to fit in one seat, you should pay for two - regardless of whether or not the airline requires it.

And it was the stereotypical, big, frumpy dressed, needs a bath (urine smell), kinda gal..
She was about 1/3 on my seat, going under the handrest.. She actually got part of my seat space because the clipboard was between the two seats but was on my side of the handrest.
I should have complained to the airline, but what are they going to do.. Some people are getting the state to claim Fat = Disability.

boopiejones's picture

fat=disability is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. how about watch what you eat and go the gym once in a while??? be responsible for your own actions? i work out 3 times a week for about 45 minutes, don't even watch what i eat (not too closely, anyway), and have no problem maintaining my current weight. i actually LOSE weight if i am not paying enough attention to what i eat.

Shrapnel's picture

I totally agree. I was on a flight with my sister-in-law (a very large woman) and she was billed for two seats. It's horrible to say, but she totally needed two seats, or at least a seat-and-a-half.

If being fat is a disability, it is no ones fault but the fat people themselves. They eat too much, they don't exercise enough, and they gain a ton of weight. Not too hard of a concept, eh?

I was talking to a friend not long ago about just this (who obviously has a grudge against fat people for whatever reason) and he determined that fat people are the biggest contributers to (and possibly the cause of) global warming.

boopiejones's picture

they are huge contributors to rising healthcare costs as well. that is why many companies are starting to charge people extra for healthcare if they are overweight. it is only fair - i excercise, don't smoke, eat right. why should i subsidize the doctor visits of my overweight coworkers?

I have nothing against bigger folks.
Big girls try harder.

is hypoglycemia catchy?

No Such Thing as a big boned (man/woman)... Thats a pitiful excuse for obese people to use...

I bet you have heard someone say...
"I'm not fat, I'm big boned"
Yea, I see so many "big boned" skeletons..

Dang, I need to get off this fat kick.. Maybe it's because I have been around some very rude big people lately.. Or some want to complain about how big they are, then you watch them put down enough calories for 3 people.

ekliptikz's picture

I've never seen anyone with so much pent up hate/animosity as you

its actually kind of impressive