Someone pick up that bottle!!

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Yesterday on the way home I overheard a lady say "someone is going to trip on that." I was sitting in the quad seats and looked towards my left. She was right I saw her pointing to a Dr. Pepper bottle on the floor. She told her friend that it had rolled back and forth all the way from Mont to Civic Center. I pulled out my pocket pc just in time to catch the last roll. At the end of this clip the person picking up the bottle was not responsible for it. She just didn't want anyone tripping on it. Don't people know that there are garbage cans outside the pay areas?

Here's the video clip

I took a picture last week ( did not get around to posting it ) of a Ginger Ale can on the floor next to a dark (coffee?) stain in the carpet.

I saw it as a good cause & effect piece.


I uploaded it here :


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Very good pic


I was sorta surprised that a hobo didn't grab/collect the can.