SF Civic Center escalators -WTF?

Half of the escalators at Civic Center in San Francisco are down. Some have been down for weeks. The down escalator to the platform at the Grove Street entrance has been out of service for almost 2 months. C'mon, are parts really that hard to find?

Motor Scooter Parking at Orinda Station

Hi, I'm new to BART. Wondering if there is motor scooter parking at Orinda Station, and if so, where is it, what does it cost and is there a waiting list for parking spots? Thanks

Richmond escalator stopped abruptly, got back injury. BART paid pennies.

I was riding the BART escalator at the Richmond Station, which was packed with commuters and it stopped abruptly. I tripped down multiple stairs and strained my back per the ER. I filed a claim and BART and after 4 months BART's claim adjuster gave me a offer of pennies, stating that the incident was, "a case of questionable liability. While the escalator may have stopped abrupt enough for you to fall, the escalator was still within the code compliance." The amount only covered my doctor's visits and my time off from work.

An open letter to the pricks who ride BART, and any other means of public transport for that matter.

I’ve been riding BART for the last four months and I have witnessed and experienced more rudeness and inconsideration during that time than I have elsewhere in my life over the last five years. And today’s experience takes the cake.

Shutting down part of the system

BART has had two major unplanned service stoppages in the past few weeks, both caused by fires. The first one was between Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek, and the second near Fruitvale. In each case, in addition to stopping service at/between the affected stations, they also stopped service to adjacent stations (no service between Lafayette and Concord, or Lake Merritt and San Leandro). My question is simple: Why?

Injuries from Fare Gates

I met someone recently who sustained serious injury as a result of a fare gate that had been open suddenly slamming shut on her. Has anyone else experienced injury from the gates or heard of any reported incidents? I saw a post from 2007 basically complaining of the same type of injury.

Anyone have/hear of similar occurances?

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You want what?

So there I am, it's closing time and I'm visiting an agent at the end of the line. The last train to anywhere has long gone and it's just the last two from SF on approach. I'm standing there at the booth choppin it up with the the BPD officer while he waits to sweep out passengers of the last train. Guy walks up and says he wants to go back to SF. The Agent is locking up the bathrooms so I give him the bad news. "Sorry, no more trains going back out until 4:am." I notice some form of impairment has this guy on time delay as he stares at me.

fucked up system

Bart sucks I got off their shuttle bus and was approaching the last car on the train and usually an experienced operator announces the doors are closing but not this prick he closed the doors and left making me even later to my appointment because their track repairs I think they should provide free service on their repair days for inconveniencing all the bart riders

TVM Study Guide

Hey - I have the BART TVM test coming up. This will be my second time taking it and I was hoping someone out there had some sort of study guide for it.

Train Operator Position

Did anyone else here apply for the train operator position last August? I was not called for the written test until January and passed. May not be called for the next phase of the selection process until April-May. Anyone know what's taking so long in the process this time around? Much slower than in the past.

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What are these extra lanes for? Commuter hour train layups?

I've noticed a third or center lane several places like between Castro valley and west dublin at the top of the hill and just after BayFair head south.. Are these extra lanes for emergencies? The one
near west dublin even has platforms it seems.

Layups for early morning commutes?

WSX affecting schedules in the city, and only the city?

I recently got a notice (because I've signed up for the WSX emails) saying, in part (emphasis mine):


This morning I witnessed an unprovoked attack on a lady on the Pittsburg/Baypoint line @
19th street. A crazed black woman boarded the train and began screaming insults and
death threats at the lady before striking her in the face several times. I was sitting at the
opposit end of the car and although a number of people stood up from their seats it did
not appear anyone tried to help.



I just discovered the #BARTHaiku hashtag on Twitter. Pretty good stuff. My favorite so far is at https://twitter.com/andrewcrow/status/545965784380346368

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Do you think people should move out of the bike spot when a bike comes on board?

Yes, that's what the bike spot is for
76% (13 votes)
No, I paid my fare I can stand wherever I want
24% (4 votes)
Total votes: 17

Richmond Train (Orang Line) Run Towards West Oakland

Hello everyone.

I hope you're all doing well. This is my first time posting, but I have lurked around off and on for a while.

I generally support BART and look up to it as a civil, efficient, and trustworthy transit system. However, what happened yesterday is something that I consider ridiculous.

I was coming home from Hayward via the Richmond line. I knew there would be delays when I went to transfer in Downtown, but was expecting a smooth trip until that point. Well...I was wrong.

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Service Animals "The law"

Just a note on service animals.

#1 The "Rules" for service animals have changed and this is by law, not by BART.

#2 There are only two animals that are now recognized as service animals; Dogs and Mini Horses. I feel sorry for the dude with the service chicken near 16th and mission.

#3 Because of all the complaints and obvious bullshitters ALL psychiatric/Emotional support/Comfort dogs are now CONSIDERED PETS as defined by law except for... P.T.S.D. dogs.

#4 Service animals must be leashed or teathered and under the owners control.

Breathe ... Breathe in the Air

Nothing worse than standing in a packed car and having to breathe in some person's armpit with no air flowing through the car. For the sake of the species, please keep the air flowing!


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