Station Agent with a sense of humor who likes her job !

Ok, for all the complaints I've read about rude station agents, I've just got to relate my experience. I had to wait about an hour and a half at Fruitvale station Wed night for my ride. There was a white haired female agent on duty. I sat on the bench right next to the agent's booth. I intended to pass the time reading my book, but I couldn't concentrate. Within the first five minutes she must have dealt with at least three people who claimed to either have no ticket or that they were a little short and didn't have any cash or blah, blah, blah. Her responses were hysterical. She didn't scream at any of them, she didn't curse, threaten or berate.

BART is really not as bad as you think

I've been to different parts of the country and I have to say that BART is really not as bad as you guys think. It's on time most of the time. If you've ever been to Chicago or NY trust me, their delays occur more often due to the fact that they have weather elements to deal with ( you know SNOW)

Lately I've noticed lots of Operators say "thank you for choosing BART" at each destination and I think that's really cool.

Good News For Once??

As shitty as bart can be occasionally, we're better off than most of the country.

The top ten best prepared cities are, in order:

1. New York, NY
2. Boston, MA
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Chicago, IL
5. Philadelphia, PA
6. Portland, OR
7. Honolulu, HI
8. Seattle, WA
9. Baltimore, MD
10.Oakland, CA

Said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in response to the SustainLane ranking: "Public transportation is a key element in city planning, and it iscritical in this time of global warming and volatile petroleum availability that we work to make our transit options not dependent solely on fossil fuel.

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Embarcadero Escalators are down for over a week now

What's up with BART techs? I don't mind walking the damn stairs but my god, during rush hour it's so slow going up it. On top of that, it's been over a week and I haven't seen any work on it. Gee whiz...

BART security are swell guys

You know, I see a lot of ragging on the BART security officers but they really have a tough job. If you don't think so try out the ride-along program and you can see first hand what they have to put up with. They are well trained and have a great K-9 team. I had an opportunity a couple of years ago to witness them in action. One night one of their dogs chased down a creap who had beaten and sexually assaulted an elderly woman and bit the crap out of him. If it was'nt for the BART officer's skill in handlling the dog the guy might have gotten away. As it turned out this same creap was a serial rapist that had assaulted several elderly women in the San Leandro area.

bike/BART living

(originally posted on craigslist as "critical mass, public transport, bikes")

There is a middle class bias against public transport and bikes. Many of us associate this kind of travel with the lower social orders. We fish for excuses like "it's too far" or whatever, but many more of us could take public transportation or bike/BART or BART/bike of BART/bike/bus or Car/BART/bike or any combination including walking, carpooling, etc. There are even people who commute by kayak! There are many ways to get from one place to another, if we'd bother to invest in them (but right now too much of our investment goes to cars).

BART blunder continues

from SfGate

Embarrassed BART officials are taking the blame for a computer crash that stranded 35,000 commuters for over an hour at the height of the Wednesday evening commute.

"We're apologizing,'' said BART spokesman Linton Johnson. "We screwed up. In a rush to do the right thing, we messed up.''

To read the rest click here

Who is the idiot to do a BOMB Scare at West Oakland?

OMG, I wonder why they picked West Oakland out of all places? If they really wanted to get a good station for a bomb, wouldn't you pick a really busy station like the Financial District stations?

I bet this idiot did this because they needed an excuse of not having to take BART to the City. What a moron.

I hope it is just a scare.

Train Operator is open

Hey everyone, the position of part time train operator is open again. If you have experience working with the public, they've lowered the requirements and that's all you need. Go ahead and apply, you have nothing to lose and you'll have a good paying job until you're ready to retire.

What's with the spam on this site?

It's really annoying.

RAVE--I found the coolest thing

I just figured out the coolest trick with bart, it is truley awesome. Of course, I can't share what it is because if everybody starts doing it the trick won't work for me anymore. But I did want to share with everybody how I found this unbelievable aspect of the system that has made me giddy as a school girl!!!

Thanks for letting me share!

The train goes into the tunnel....

what's annoying me today?

People who use their laptops on the BART.

Sure, they're relatively few in number now.

But it's a problem that's only going to get worse if we don't stamp on it.

Or at least attempt to spill coffee on it.

It's not so much the laptop usage that bothers me.

It's the fact that they all but setup office, arrange a selection of action figures on the back of the seat in front, settle down for an exciting session of computer programming, then look at you with a mixture of pain and disbelief because it's your stop and you want to get off.

We're not asking you to vacate a conference room that you booked on Outlook. It's my stop and I want off.

To the Jackasses on BART yesterday morning

To the jackass on BART who opened the doors of the train and left the car, if I find out who you are, I'm going to kick the living shit out of you. You almost caused my death and the death of hundreds of others who were forced to walk back thru a dangerous, dark, smoke-filled tunnel. The conductor was getting ready to reverse, you fricking moron, when you pulled your assclown stunt. It was WAY too early to exit the train, jackass. I would've been the first one banging down the door...WHEN THE SITUATION WARRANTED. A solution was still there to be found before you got your hair-brained idea. The next time, think with your head, not with your ass.

Did BART Blow Up Yesterday?

What was all the hoo ha about on the news?

maybe BART should be renamed BARF

Every time I get on a train the smell of urine would be so bad I felt like barfing. LoL


If BART is going to be delayed for 10 minutes or more due to single tracking, it would be nice if they would let passgenrs know that before they enter the system instead of after they are on the train. It would be nice if it was announced throughout the week on the signs so people can plan extra time for their weekend commutes. We were delayed significantly last Saturday due to single tracking and if people are trying to catch and flight or something, gheese, tell them before they board the train.

Obviously, they didn't think to pick up the trash.

Thanks for keeping the system clean...

From SF Gate:

"(03-09) 12:17 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- BART and Muni Metro service has been fully restored after riders endured lengthy delays because of a trash fire that started on the tracks near the Embarcadero station just before 9:30 a.m."

LOL, Bart let so much trash pile up on the eastbound tracks that it caught on fire and closed down Bart and Muni. Way to keep the system clean guys, you are all fired!

I hope I didn't catch something

Very disgusting commute last night. The train was filthy and smelled like a bathroom. I had to take a shower when I got home. It is very likely that I contracted a non-curable disease on that train and am going to die, so I just wanted you all to know that it has been a pleasure riding with you.


There's been too many postings about things that happen on trains, platforms, ect, and people complaining about how nothing gets done.

Well, here's the number to BART police. Put it in your cellphone. Anytime there's a disturbance, something unusual, someone eating, drinking on the train, being rude, obnoxious, whatever, do something about it and call BART police.

You are all armed with another weapon to combat a lot of the problems that are complained about. Let's see if people actually use this resource to help and fight back, or just standby and let stuff continue to happen.

510-464-7000 OR 877-679-7000

Bart Employees Busting their Ass on the Job

This is a thread to recount all of the instances where you have seen Bart employees busting their ass on the job. I will kick it off with my list below:



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