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Add BART Rage as a news feed to Google personalization

If you use Google Personalization to get your news, weather, etc. It is easy to add BART Rage content. Just use the following steps.

  1. 1. Go to your personalized Google page.
  2. 2. Click on the Add Content link.
  3. 3. Click on the Create a Section link.
  4. 4. In the search box type hit enter or click Go.

Thats it, a new news feed from should show up on your personalized Google page.

Its that easy!!

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BART and Nextel to extend cell phone voice and data underground

Check out the story, and comments here.

Anybody know the parking situation at N. Berkeley & Mc Arthur bart stations ??

I am moving to 1 of those areas & was wondering how the parking scene is there in the mornings? I heard Mc Arthur is full by 7:30AM. Also, do they have monthly parkng avail??


For the asswipes who don't share the grab rail

I get so annoyed when people use the grab rail by leaning their entire body to it. Asswipes, share it with others!

BART DO'S AND DONT'S (from an operator)

Feel free to add your own if necissary.

#1. Please be courteous to others.

#2. Please do not put your feet on the seats of the trains. I'm pretty sure you've stepped in something disgusting during the course of the day, so please think about others that have to sit in that same seat you put your shoes on.

#3. If you see train doors open, HUSTLE. You do not know how long the doors have been open, or how much longer they will remain open. If my doors are open and it's time for me to go, if I see you walking, taking your sweet time and not making an effort to get on my train, I will close doors on you faster than you can say "hold on". No hustle, no reward. Now if I see you hustling, and you don't make it, I'll reward you with a courtesy door cycle for your effort.

hey you Indian guy or whatever you are who got on at Dublin

You are straight up a sicko. Why the hell are you picking your nose while you were sitting on the Senior
Citizen seat? Did you think we didn't notice you? You moved your left hand all over your face trying to be inconspicous but then you picked your nose and flicked your booger! Ever heard of a napkin or tissue? Next time pick your nose before you get onboard or at least save us all from getting grossed out!

Want BART To Run Later? Sign This Petition

Cpoy and paste this link to your browser, and sign this petition to keep BART running until 3AM. Don't complain about something and not be willing to do anything about it......

Got Issues With BART? Attend A Customer Focus Event

Have a question about BART? Want to chat with BART Customer Services personnel?

Attend a BART "Customer Focus" event at a station near you. These events provide an excellent opportunity to speak with BART representatives in a casual, face-to-face setting and get answers to any questions you might have about the BART system. Customer Focus events are held from 4:00-6:30 p.m.

Upcoming Customer Focus Events

Wednesday, 10/26-SFO
Wednesday, 11/9-North Concord/Martinez
Wednesday, 11/16-North Berkeley
Wednesday, 12/7-Bay Fair
Wednesday, 12/21-Powell Street

Don't complain about someth

Why BART Doesn't Run 24HR Service

For starters, the weekend that BART ran overnight service (Oct 15-16) was a bust. In those two nights, BART only carried about 9200 passengers, that created 25,300 dollars in revenue. It cost BART about 200,000 dollars to run the overnight service that weekend. Do the math there. So basically, it's not worth running 24Hr service because there obviously isn't enough demand for it, evidenced by that weekend.

Secondly, BART service usually ends at midnight and resumes at 6 a.m. on Saturdays and at 8 a.m. on Sundays so employees can perform critical maintenance work. All the work that keeps the system running relatively smooth during the day is done at night, and can only be performed while the system is shut down.

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what is with the 8 car train shit???

who gives? why is bart running 8 car trains during rush hour? The damn platform was made to handle 10 cars. I didn't pay to ride bart only to get packed like fucking sardines in an 8 car train. aaaaarrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!

What is it with the young Black Males who solicit?

I'm trying to enjoy a quick nap on the train when I'm suddenly disturbed by these two young black males who are selling candy?

I've seen the same kids do this a few weeks ago. I would never buy candy from them because:
-they're definitely not at school like they should
-clothes are so dirty and ripped
-agressive approach


Maybe its being in such unusually close proximity to strangers, maybe its that I am either tired because it is early or tired from the day, maybe it's the air in the transbay tunnel... but I cannot believe how completely unacceptable some people's behavior on BART is. Like where do you live, and what happened to you as a child???

-The guy sitting in a seat, cutting his own hair with clippers. I wanted to pee all over him. I mean he's leaving his body waste all over, why not see what it's like for everyonwe else?
-The lady who talks about INCREDIBLY personal issues very loudly on a cell phone. I don't want to know that your aunt is having complications with her diabetes, or that your sister just had her kids taken away by child protective services... and you are at the OTHER END of the car I am on. Psycho.

Train Operator from Dublin to SF at 7am

Thank you for your professionalism this morning. You announced every stop. LOL most of the time I fall asleep and it helps when you announce the current station. Thanks and keep up the good work.

good idea

this website is a great idea. I like bart but I have some concerns too and I didn't realize lots out there feel the same way. I'm sure you are all in the same predicament as me. I need to use BART because overall it is a great way to get to work. The only thing that concerns me is the increase in riders because who wants to pay those high gas prices? Somehow I would assume bart will add more trains to accomodate the increase. Reading through the website I agree with what has been posted. It is sad to have a train full from the first 2 to 3 stops.

They need to add more trains running which means using our money to purchase them. I have a complaint about certain practices with bart management, they keep giving themselves big raises! You're the chief of bart and you make over $300K? How much more do you need? Isn't bart suppose to be part of government anyway? Why are they allowed to go on Strike? They are a public service.

Bart was not operating on morning commute on 10/13/2005

By now, you should know that BART had a severe delay in service. It was something about a mechanical failure which caused a fire to start. Not clear exactly on the details.

San Leandro Station had a fire which disrupted everyone

I arrived at Dublin Pleasanton only to hear that there was a fire at San Leandro station. Due to this there wasn't any service from Fremont and Dublin. Only Fruitvale had service. I drove to Fruitvale only to be dealing with a mess of riders facing the same issue. At one point they made about 1000 riders go to the other platform which required going downstairs and crossover back upstairs. After everyone made their way to the other side, a BART employee came up and said they changed the platform! So here we go back to the other platform again! lol I just need to get back to work. They said buses were provided but it takes too long and they can only hold so many passengers.

ewww gross people

I just remembered how nasty some people are on BART. This guy I saw wiped his runny nose with his hand and then grabbed the rails before getting out. Please can you be civilized and bring something to wipe your nasty self, you are spreading your diseases to everyone else!!!!!!!!!!

What is this 24 hour BART that I heard about?

Is it true that BART is going to run 24 hours on a weekend? If so, can someone fill me in? I think that is a great idea since I work on different shifts.

Surfing on BART? (thanks Bart Surfer)

10 car Train is a bonus. I got on at Bayfair heading for San Francisco and it was nice to have a 10 car train. There lots of empty seats where it's usually not when it's an 8 car train. lol I never heard of the term "Bart Surfer" until a new member that goes by that name enlightened that to me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's when you have to stand but you don't want to grab the dirty and nasty handrails, you just have to balance yourself and surf! I love that.

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Ruining it for everyone....(from the craigslist post via BART Rage blogs)

Okay, so stick with me here, I like the coincidence, synchronicity or however you want to categorize it.
I moved to the area, and became a frequent BART rider. I realize that there were certain rules that everyone needed to follow like no smoking, giving up seats by the door for those who need it etc.
The rule about eating I figure is a litter, and consequently a hygiene and health issue. Of course, if one is responsible, there's no reason we shouldn't be allowed to eat as long as we pick up after ourselves. I thought it's a rule simply because a few lame people ruin it for everyone.
Now without a subtle segue, September 11, 2001 has changed our freedom (real freedom, not George W. Bush religious morals/trademarked greedom) and we've had to adhere to restrictions on freedoms because a few assholes. This is a more violent, ignorant and spiteful version of the same idea filled with malice. Now we've given up more liberties more profound and restrictive due to only a few.


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